Jesse James to Wed Kat Von D REAL Soon

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The engagement of Jesse James and Kat Von D surprised many. If reports that they are tying the knot within a month are true, that should do the same.

"Jesse and Kat don't see any reason why they should wait to trade vows," a source said. "They are madly in love and want to make everything official."

According to the source, Jesse James and Kat Von D have already started planning their wedding, which will be small and happen outside of California.

Jesse James and Kat Von D Photo

INKED: Jesse and Kat can't wait to make it official.

Don't expect an over-the-top Hollywood wedding for the twosome, which should come as no surprise considering their unexpected whirlwind relationship.

The two became a couple in September, shortly after his divorce from Sandra Bullock, who he informed prior to going public with his engagement to Kat.

The divorce - James' third - with Bullock happened after he was caught cheating on Sandra with many women, most notably Michelle "Bombshell" McGee.

Hopefully the fourth time's the charm.

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Jesse don't deserve a woman like Sandra. He is getting what he deserves. Someone just like him. Let's see who cheats first. He messed up. Now she has a better looking man and seems very happy. Good for Sandra.


she can't honestly believe he will change? these men never change.


She's going to dump his ass just as fast as he thought about marring that whore!! Who wants to grow old with someone already old!! come on man ur going to wish u never left my girl Sandra!!


They're both scum. I hope they go to fly somewhere on a vacation and their plane goes down and is never found. Although even that would be too good for them...


Now all they need to do is hire the PERFECT wedding planners for their wedding, Barnum & Bailey Circus. They both are retards; hopefully they'll marry soon and become friends with people of the same intelligence level as them.... Heidi and Spencer. And I think he still sweats Sandra too; he bought a house down the street from her in Austin TX and he closed his shop "too be closer to Sandra". Make me wanna f*ckin puke. Seriously.


About leopards & their spots that is...


I wish she would have higher standards & want more for herself... She's about to learn a valuable lesson.


Even Jesse James has more decency than to say 2010 was the best year of his life when it is the year he was caught cheating on, and subsequently dumped by, the wife he tearfully announced on national tv he was still in love with. (whew!) Obviously he wanted Sandra Bullock to forgive him and take him back and when she wouldn't he decided to try to hurt her with this announcement of his engagement to Kat Von D. I don't believe he's really nuts about Kat. He's using her to get to Sandra. He doesn't see himself as the lowlife he is and thinks he deserves to be with someone of Sandra's caliber. Remember you heard it here first. A Jesse James/Kat Von D union won't last a year.




Hope she isn't using him and the relationship for media attention. She seemed to have really changed from her Miami Ink days huh?