Jesse James and Kat Von D: Engaged!

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Fourth time's the charm? Jesse James and Kat Von D just announced they are engaged! Congratulations to the motorcycle guru and the tattoo artist!

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    I say congrats and good luck u only find happines in eachother and make it work and last a life time .


    yay! free tattoos!!


    I wish them all the best!! Maybe this time it'll work? Jesse don't break her heart--you've broken to many already.....


    Am not a fan of tattoos but that doesn't mean am going to dislike some who have them on or judge them based on that. I think people have a lot of misconception of Kat-Von-D because of her tattoos that cover all her body.
    It's amazing how people find each other.

    I wish them happiness......
    Remember beauty and the Beast??


    @JIM. I totally agree with you!! All because the guy cheated on his ex-wife people are making him out to be some sort of villain!
    It's obvious that she did meet all the qualities that he was looking for in a woman. yeah she is rich and pretty and probably caring but that doesn't mean they were meant to be. People make up and brake up all the time so get over yourself haters.


    i think kat is more of a match for him. they just might make it!


    She'll be sorry, he already proved he can't keep it zipped. She must have rocks or else $$$ in her head, but then Kat's proven she isn't too smart too.


    DISGUSTING!!!! WHAT A PIG HE IS! Barely out of Sandras bed and hops into that? MAN in this photo! Sandra is way better off and so is Nikki Sixx, that man needs a real woman. This photo makes my stomach curdle!!!!!


    Best of luck to them both they need it. This man chose to handle his issues of his marriage to Sandra by cheating, and with multiple women. 4th time is a charm? Hope so, for her sake. Maybe he got help and knows how to handle problems better. I hope their impending marriage is based on more than gratitude and some careful thought. If I were her, I'd give this some more time and let that gratefulness, I'm in your corner feelings wear off and see what happens. Let's face it, three marriages including one to a porn star drug addict, he has a problem picking women, I wouldn't trust his judgment and neither should Kat.


    @PATTY - So...if cheating on a particular person vouches for ones overall character, does this mean girls who have had abortions should never be parents? (you know, they killed the first one, sooo....) How about people who have stolen anything in their lives (which is basically everyone)? Once a thief, always a thief? How about people in jail for drug possession/addiction? Should they just stay there because once a junkie always a junkie? Come on Patty, you can't judge peoples overall character by a few second hand pieces of information. Your assumptions based on one event may or may not be true, but unless you know the person, I think you're assuming you know the truth when you just might be wrong more often than you think.

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