Hugh Hefner: I Love Crystal Harris!

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We are not traditional.

So said Crystal Harris to People when asked about her relationship with Hugh Hefner. The 24-year old wasn't even referring to the age difference between her and her 84-year old fiance, however.

Crystal Harris in Vegas

She was simply recounting how Hefner proposed, placing her giant ring inside a Little Mermaid music box and not getting down on one knee.

Hefner, meanwhile, describes Crystal as "totally devoted," adding:

"Her priorities are pretty much our relationship, No. 1 and No. 2 and 3, and you don't always find that. Despite the age disparity, the truth of the matter is we have a great deal in common, we really complement one another, we have a wonderful time together, and I love her."

What else can you ask of the couple, who met at the Playboy Mansion in 2008 and bonded over their shared psychology majors in college?

Harris has turned around Hefner's opinion on marriage, as the magazine founder admits he always thought "people start to take one another for granted" once they're hitched.

"I just simply found myself in a relationship with Crystal in which I felt, quite frankly, the opposite seemed to be true – that the more committed to one another we were, the closer we got, and the more we loved one another, and I just think this one, for me, will be the exception to the rule."

Isn't that sweet? Totally gross and nauseating, considering the pair's ages... but also sweet.


Hef looks like her great, great grandma. But no matter, with intravenous Viagra, some high octane oxygen, and a double duty diaper this hyena will be true to her till he's in the grave.


i saw her in an interview awhile back she apparently lost her beau or finance in the war in Iraq. Since then she has made choices and does appear to be sincere about her love of Hugh and their relationship. I think she is devoted to him now that their love has grown. I wish them well,she is a nice girl and they make each other happy. God Bless them. Noone should judge,its their business.


Daddy issues is all I have to say! But hey its all fun in thee moment! Just don't see how he can get it up at that age there is no way he will be ablee to give her children unless he had hiss sperm frozen..... If he didn't have that kind of money or the lifestyle hee has do you honestly think sshe would be around?!?!?!?!??!?!


jeez.. he should have the right to live the FEW years he has left with the person he loves and makes him happy without people judging them. I think she does it for the money do shes 23 when he dies shell be 27 ,28 ,26 ect . shell be rich single and problably end up getting remarried and having a family . LOL


You are totally being GROSS AND NAUSEATING WHEN YOU COMMENT ON HUGH AND CRYSTALS AGE DIFFERENCE. And by the way love has no age limits BITCH!!!!!!!!!

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