Crystal Harris Shows Off Engagement Ring

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Why would a 24-year old marry an 84-year old?

It's not for the looks, or the stamina or the possibility of raising children together.

But Crystal Harris gave us a hint behind her motivation for becoming Mrs. Hugh Hefner when she Tweeted the following photo of the rock this senior citizen placed on her finger last week:

Crystal Harris Ring

Would you marry a man 60 years older than you in exchange for this diamond?


Why would he bother to get engaged at his age unless he did love her? The twins went some time ago so Hugh and Crystal could be alone more, so I guess there is something there.Cystal is intelligent, I do not believe she is shallow has anyone ever thought she might genuinely care for and or love this man. True love? I hope this lasts and I hope its genuine so congratulations to the Happy Couple.


Just read a former playmate/housemate, Izabella James'story about sex with "Dead Fish" Hugh Hefner,in Huffington Post, excerpted in "Daily Mail." My sympathy to all involved. Just awful.




Congratulations to Crystal and Hef, Thank you for sharing your good news with all of us. The ring is beautiful,and I will be looking forward to seeing the pictures of the big day. All the joys associated with long life and happiness to both of you and family.

Jennifer miller

I agree with Sares and Mary Lou. This young lady is probably hoping he dies after I do in the wedding ceremony.


haha i mean no i would not marry someone just for a ring or for money i would only marry someone because i love them ...i mean if u marry someone just because of money or fame then that makes u a golddigger and a hoe.i mean it would be diffrent if she loved him i mean its a big age diffrence but love is love ...but she dont so its just wrong


Seems like a win-win of consenting adults, both with their own agenda's. Who cares!


Lmao! Some r mentioning the fact that she's a gold-digger? Well, have no pitty on HUGH. He's ONLY marrying her as a young trophy wife! So, it's your typical trade-off and BOTH parties have to compromise huge sacrifices. She loses some of youth/life (not being able to date who she's really attracted to or have children any time soon), and he loses his money (which, isn't really lost, since he'll b gone anyway. Hugh is the real winner in this. Heck; I'd sign a prenuptial: 10 million minimum! :)


Motivation, oh let me see... Motivation for him - Massive ego stroke for him that he can still "get" young blondes even though his three last girlfriends left him. Plus, he gets to see his head in the news again. Motivation for her - fast money and so called "fame". We all know she wouldnt have taken a second look if he was some average joe 84 year old granddaddy in the parking lot of Walmart. Either way, eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.


Does Hef know this one is going to age also? or Is in the pre-nup that he can divorce her if she ages?

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