D.A. Won't Let Lindsay Lohan Rehab Fight Slide

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By all accounts, and somewhat incredibly, Lindsay Lohan's rehab scuffle appears to be a victimless crime in which she did nothing wrong.

Nevertheless, the Riverside County D.A. won't let it slide.

The push to prove Lohan's probation was violated continue, as the D.A. wants further investigation into LiLo's alleged melee at Betty Ford.


Lindsay Lohan is out of rehab, but not out of the woods.

District Attorney-Elect Paul Zellerbach met with his lead investigator and prosecutor this morning to talk about Lindsay's altercation with Dawn Holland.

Here's why officials may be out to get Lindsay only to send a message:

  1. Only the Beverly Hills judge in her DUI case can revoke probation.
  2. Dawn herself has said she doesn't want Lohan prosecuted.
  3. The dude who was with her that night says she was clean.

Just the same, the DA's office says it wants more info to decide whether to charge Lindsay and seems bent on pushing the matter further. Stay tuned.


Linds nids no spotlite to straighten up out of the 08 bratpack shes the only one still disturbd


What is there a shortage of crime to prosicute? Or maybe the courts have no business! Seems like a good way for the system to generate more money and insure poor impoverished attornies have job security.
SCREW THEM! The whole practice is immoral and contrived to disadvantage the public and stroke other professionals in their own field.
Public service my butt!


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People need to lay off her!!! I was never a Lindsey fan but this is really sick. This girl finally took the incentive went to rehab and got herself clean. She did what she was supposed to now everyone can drop it. She is going to be turned of from rehab and things will get worse!


Excuse me!!! Even blowing a .001 would have been a probation violation.


I love how the idiots who actually stick up for this stupid stupid broad, act like they know her personally. Let her @$$ go to jail if she did it would actually show that celebrities have to pay for their crimes and mistakes too, what a concept!


@UMM... She never refused to take the test, they refused to give it to her after she demanded to be given one to prove she wasn't drunk.


Good for the DA?


What the hell about the fact she refused to take a breathalyzer test


Sounds to me that Riverside is hell-bent on showing that there is such a thing as Hollywood Justice. Kinda like Clark County did with O.J. ???


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