Lindsay Lohan Rehab Cohort: She Was Clean!

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Adam Case, Lindsay Lohan's Betty Ford clinic cohort, has been under fire from cops looking to nail the troubled star for her altercation with Dawn Holland.

They can all eat it, according to Case. Our girl was clean.

The Riverside Country D.A. is still deciding whether to file charges against Lohan, even though Holland has said she won't pursue the matter or cooperate.

Happy and Blonde

IN THE CLEAR: At least for now. [Photo: Pacific Coast News]

Case, who saw the whole thing, said LiLo "wasn't drinking at all" and that the Riverside D.A. is trying to put a "feather in his cap" by going after Lohan.

The night of the alleged altercation, and that "there was no assault. She was clean. I saw the whole thing ... it's bull$h!t ... I can't say anything more."

Lohan served the Betty Ford stint in connection with a 2007 DUI conviction. Her repeated probation violations have landed her in rehab twice already.

Looks like this time she's out of the woods ... for now.

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It won't be the 1st time the Riverside DA, or the Los Angeles DA tried to destroy someone. They succeeded doing that to my younger brother. He has a life long financial burden and thats not even enough to satisfy the DA's hate. . When he's finally dead from the stress they emposed upon him, unethical things, only then will they lay off. In the military we call that, "Easy Pickens".


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