Brangelina Donates $2M to Namibian Wildlife Refuge

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We will say it again. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are awesome.

Over the holidays, the globe-trotting, philanthropic pair visited an animal sanctuary in Namibia, where their first biological child was born.

When they departed, they left an astounding $2 million behind.

Brangelina in Africa

GIVING BACK: It's what Brangelina is becoming best known for.

The couple made that huge donation to the Naankuse Lodge and Wildlife Sanctuary in Namibia, the country in which daughter Shiloh, now 4, was born.

Of the donation in Shiloh's name, Angelina said, "We want her to be very involved and grow up with the understanding of her country of birth."

The pair often donates to humanitarian causes, including Doctors Without Borders and Global Action for Children, via the Jolie/Pitt foundation.

The couple and their children spent the holidays at the Namibian sanctuary caring for and feeding orphaned animals. It was a major success.

Said Jolie: "We continue to be impressed by the hard work and dedication of the people and conservation of the land and wildlife of Namibia."

People question their motives, but even if they were entirely self-serving, do you think the people and wildlife of Namibia are worse off? No.

Here's a clip from 2009 of Angelina reflecting on her ties to the nation:


@ Anna and Robyn... can you both actually read and speak real American english?why don't you analyse the whole story before you keep on concluding things.You are out of your way on the real topic.You both are one PATHETIC LOSERS..get a life!!!!!!!!!!!


Hey anna, what give you the right to bad mouth about Angie and her family,and the good work she's doing?OK if it's for publicity so what? it's for good cause anyway,she's using her fame to help less furtunate people,what about you,have you done someting like that?No, cause you are nobody,accept it,why are you to bitter about it?You haven't done any charity work yet so better do one for you life's sake.Get a life..We love Angie and she is an inspiration.


i completly agree with anna, she's an idiot. her daughter does not have any actual ties to Namibia just because angelina is enough of a weirdo to drag her pregnant a$$ to another country just to give birth. they don't live there, she's not being raised there, and she has no descendants from there, it makes no sense, she's so dumb. @kat, the story wasn't "leaked" because she did an interview about it and everything, so obviously she went to the media, just accept it.


Dear: Anna,the girl who need learn abt life n shut up her mouth.
Leave them alone guys,they doin ? good things!
Wat did u do for help ppl around u? Leave ? ? dollar for beggars in the train station? No..I dnt think so!


Ummm Anna are you a complete moron? Reread the text, she clearlty stated she wanted Shiloh to know about the country she was born in! Not that Shiloh is Nambian bc she was born there. Just bc press/publicists leak stories doesn't mean they went tagging media for a story bc of their donation. Just let it be what it is, a great gift for the sanctuary in the name of their daughter bc she was born there and the family spent the holidays there and were moved by the work done there.


anna, that's exactly what I was wondering.


is she completely stupid? or does she just try hard to act like she is? just because her daughter was born in Namibia, does not make her Namibian. my best friend's son was born in Korea because he's stationed in Korea since he's in the army, but he doesn't go around telling people his son is Korean, because he's not a complete moron. wow, just like these 2 pathetic idiots to call the press as soon as they make a donation. can they never just do it to be charitable? do they always have to call someone to take pictures and write a story about it?

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