Brahim Zaibat: Dating Madonna!

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Is Madonna dating Brahim Zaibat? That's the rumor going around, and it looks to be the case. We've got a picture of her (young!) new boy toy right here!

Madonna and Brahim spent the night partying at Aura nightclub in London last night. Earlier on, the new couple dined at Automat Restaurant in Mayfair.

Brahim Zaibat, a 24-year-old French breakdancer, confirmed he's dating her to the UK's Daily Mail. Good enough for us. Here's Jesus Luz's replacement:

Brahim Zaibat Picture
Madonna in Stealth Mode

MADHIM: The queen likes 'em young. [Photos: Pacific Coast News]


If Madonna's dating a 24 year old then what on earth is frustrating the rest of you out there? Madonna is no "Old bag of bones", but a healthy, beautiful, fit and pretty lady. Men or women, anybody who gets to date Madonna and share a relationship with her is definitely LUCKY


She makes him wear a condom!!?? I would think it was the other way around, but yes maybe they should wear double?


They look like a cute couple. Age difference, smage difference, no biggy. He's dating a pop icon, a legend. What a lucky guy Brahim is. And she's dating a such a young cute guy who's probably hung. What a lucky girl Madonna is. I hope she's making him use condoms.


Rumor has it here in São Paulo, Brazil that he was a high-priced escort and they met for a little orgy at Madonna's room at Hyatt Hotels here. Who told me? A friend who works for the hotel at a middle-management position... wonder where this one came from. Regardless, Jesus Luz is pretty fucking popular here.


Wow I'm really tired- that comment was poorly written!


This poor guy thinks he's about to score w/ a hot old woman, but when he takes her home & she starts taking off her clothes he'll probably going to die of shock. This nasty old bag of bones has so much makeup plastered onto her everyday she's fooling horny young men into going home w/ her so she can suck out his soul to try & look younger. What madonna doesn't realize is that that's impossible...


Yeah she would! Not sure what her issue is lately that she feels like robbing the cradle, maybe trying to regaining her youth by fucking them all and sucking their brains out.

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