Awww: Snooki Apologizes to Joy Behar, The View

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As her war of words with Joy Behar continued to escalate, Jersey Shore star Snooki decided to be the bigger person (for the first time in the 4'9" pip squeak's life).

On the Wendy Williams Show earlier in the week, Snooki apologized for tangling with The View host. Wednesday, Behar officially accepted Snooki's mea culpa.

Joy's amusing response, in light of Snooki's drunken antics this week: "I found the apology quite sobering - maybe that's not the right word." Watch it here ...

The bad blood started when Joy admitted on air that she has a "visceral reaction" to Snooki, who reminds her of kids who teased her when she was young.

She went on to berate the MTV star many more times, and recently, Snooki and JWoww fired back in video clip mocking Behar and The View.

Snooki ended it today, though, calling herself "a big fan of The View and Barbara Walters," before saying, "I'm sorry." Joy and Babs graciously accepted.


I watch wendy willamz shez a funni person n kool " how yuh duin? " :P lol love yuh wendy !


Have seen her show in bits and pieces while channel surfing. Talk about Mouth of the South. Know everybody's business and can't wait to tell it!!


Does anyone actually watch this show? I did, once, for about 2 minutes. Wendy said "you go girlfriend... you know... I hear ya" at least 3 times each during those 2 minutes. Caused major drain bamage. Oh well...


What you see is what you know!!


I like ms. Williams


This is a tad off subject but doesn't Wendy Williams look like a man in drag? Am I right or am I right?

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