Scott Disick Puts Price on Son

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It's a question all fathers have asked themselves: How much should I charge a network for featuring my son on a reality TV show?

For Scott Disick, that answer is reportedly $5,000. For producers of Kourtney & Kim Take New York, which debuts January 23 on E!, their response is: HA!

Scott and Mason

$mile, $on!

Sources close to the show say E! offered $1,000/episode in exchange for Mason to appear on the upcoming spin-off, but Disick "played hardball" and "bungled negotiations, so you won't see Mason at all."

Scott's greed, of course, will likely benefit to Mason in the long run.

But, don't worry folks, there are still more Kardashian-related programs on the way. Khloe and Lamar Odom have signed on for a new reality show. Thank goodness.

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I like the shows they have...its actually pretty funny. The only problem is that Scott guy....what an idiot. I think he needs to cut his hair and admit that he is gay!!!! I think mason is adorable and the both of them deserve much better than Scott :o)


For about 500 per episode you could get a way better looking baby as a stand in. That kid is not winning any beauty prizes. They better hold on to any money they can weasle out of this show. Because its going to go over ripe faster than a banana in a steam room.


wonder if he will be like another Jon Gosselin
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u guys all need to get a life these people are famous for having their own fashion stores and design lines etc and for being models u all need to stop judging the girls they are actual famous for a lot!


Sigh its stupid girls who have no lives and want to be famous for nothing and watch these girls to see how to do that...I think that's why they keep this show running. Seriously, the only pretty one is kim.


Who are these people?


Really i dont understand why these ppl are so famous...they dont do shit.all they do is get surgeries and be crap...


Iam sick of the Kardashian family,,, get a real job people


Good, I don't think the child should be on the reality show in the first place!

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