Report: Prince Harry Slept with Catherine Ommanney!

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How do you bump your brother and his beautiful fiancee off the front page of every major newspaper around the world? For Prince Harry, that answer is simple:

Bed a Real Housewife.

Although the rumored affair between Harry and Catherine Ommanney took place in 2007, details are emerging now because the latter's nanny, Monica Herrero, recently spoke to Radar Online about the tryst.

Rich and Handsome

"When she was really happy she would share things with me, like what happened with Prince Harry," says Herrero. "She would show me messages that he sent her, and she said that he wanted to take her hand and travel around the world."

Before moving to America in the summer of 2008 and marrying Charles Ommanney, a prize-winning photojournalist with Newsweek from whom she's now divorcing, Catherine did reside in London.

Herrero says "a car with a chauffeur came" on two separate occasions for her boss, who reportedly bragged about her dalliances with the younger prince.

Of one night together, Catherine said: "He was holding me off the floor, kissing me. I was absolutely speechless. I was against the wall, and he literally lifted me off the floor and gave me a lovely kiss which I was stunned by.

"It was a lovely kiss... Afterwards I didn't say anything. I was genuinely, completely blown away."

How did Catherine meet Harry? Via the former's interior design business, Herrero explains, although she adds: "I never saw her doing any work."

That's clearly because what Catherine was doing took place behind closed doors, Monica, if you know what we mean!!!


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Just how stupid do you have to be to even think this story is true?
She claims to leave a famous London Club with Harry. Yet none of the many photographers waiting outside gets a $10000 pic of him leaving with her ? Holly hell guys, you have to be a fucking idiot to believe her ! And the reason her back looks a mess is she has spent most of her life on it. She is a whore


Prince harry is a very kind man and there all things are rumours and she is just a mistress.... She just want to insult harry and she is just trying to make harry feel bad!!! She should be ashamed that she is the age of her mother and doing these types of things!!! Prince harry is a very kind and lovely hearted man.... He is doing a great job and he is helping the people which some people don't do.instead of appreciating him this women is using his name.she is just a mistress...... PRINCE HARRY HAVE OUR SUPPORT AND LOVE!! We Appreciate him.... GOD BLESS HIM AND WISH HIM A MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR..!!


Jealous much???? Catherine you're 3 years too late can't milk it on the show and if you do that that's nasty!!!!! Get your washed out British ass off my screen! *changes channel*


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There is really nothing wrong with the age difference, I think. But there is something wrong with her back!! =/


Oh gross!! What's the age diff on them?? EEEWWW He needs to know that chicks like her will go after guys like him. Don't fall for it!! Find someone genuine close to your age please!!

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