Pretty Wild and Then Some: Alexis Neiers Arrested For Probation Violation, Heroin Possession

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Alexis Neiers of E!'s Pretty Wild fame was just arrested for a probation violation and authorities say she was in possession of black tar heroin when busted.

Neiers never checked in for probation after being released from jail in July (always a smart move), so this morning, cops decided to visit her at home.

Derek Lowe Mug Shot

Black tar heroin, an extremely potent form of that drug, was discovered on the premises, and immediately Neiers was placed under arrest as a result.

PRETTY STUPID: That's putting it mildly.

Alexis Neiers is still on probation for burglarizing celebrity homes in L.A. last year, so this new arrest could lead to some serious time in the slammer.

She was also found with a fake Florida driver's license and was booked on a probation violation, possession of a controlled substance, and perjury.

Forget using heroin ... all you have to do is check in with the probation officer, Alexis! How hard is that? You KNOW they'll look for you otherwise!

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Tess & Alexis have both lead lives of celebrats. Underage drinking, drugs, deceit. Time for this crap to end. Throw both of 'em in jail & throw away the key. They're both as good as dead anyway. As for the Mom: Tell me 'Mommy Dearest' how's the 'home-school' thing working for ya, huh, precious? I hope they throw the friggin' book at Alexis & it lands right between the eyes.


Pity. Alexis is caught again screwing the pooch. I agree with the Judge here, Alexis is always gonne be a junkie so let's quit wasting everybodie's time. Give her all-l-l-l-l the Black Tar Heroin she wants & then televise her OD'ing. It'll be a mercy killing..a retroactive abortion. Mommy had best be watching the other 2 'cuz shre as all hell one of'em is gonna get caught next. Far too many piccies of 'em using on the 'net! So's that home school thing working for ya? Not so friggin' good I hear! HA!


There are a LOT of candid photos on the internet of Alexis and her sister Tess doing bong hits...some of them topless....and even a few of them smoking black tar heroin. Her sister Tess is the real addict and has been for years. Its amazing they're not both dead. Their mom must be an idiot for letting them do so many drugs at home. While Alexis is suffering withdrawal in jail her sister Tess may continue to get high....


She looks like an innocent young girl. We all know what heroine addicts look like after ten years of using--Jessica Parker-Broderick.


Because they changed the photo. It was Tess before they changed it.


thats not tess,it IS alexis


She enjoys spending time in jail! I had 'pretty wild' teen years myself, if there is one thing most important, it is this: be an upstanding citizen while the cops/probation are watching!!! Duh!! Just get through probation, THEN you can spend your life heroined-out on the couch like a loser :/


someone will sneak her pie with a file in it and she'll be back on the streets before long


PRETTY STUPID: That's Tess Taylor on the photo. fools

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