PETA Lambasts Hunting, Sarah Palin's Alaska

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In a clash of the media-hungry, supremely unintelligent titans, PETA has a bone to pick with Sarah Palin after the most recent episode of her TLC reality show.

A hunting scene, hilariously prefaced by a "Viewer Discretion Advised" warning, aired Sunday on Sarah Palin’s Alaska. In it, the ex-gov bagged a caribou.

Never one to let an opportunity for publicity justice pass, PETA issued a statement condemning the show and the potential White House hopeful starring in it.

PETA vs. Palin

Sarah doesn't go hunting. That implies a chance of failure. Sarah goes KILLING.

Sarah Palin seems to think that resorting to violence and blood and guts may lure people into watching her boring show,” said PETA V.P. Dan Mathews.

“But the ratings remain as dead as the poor animals she shoots.”

Ooh, that one hurts. Sort of inaccurate though, Dan. The show got 3.5 million viewers Sunday, up from 3 million the previous week. On TLC. It's a hit.

Sarah actually hasn't commented (give it an hour). But last weekend on Facebook, she wrote that “unless you’ve never worn leather shoes, sat on a leather couch or eaten a piece of meat, save your condemnation of tonight’s episode."

Here's the clip that has PETA so up in arms ...

Team Sarah or Team PETA?


Killing animals for fun! Oviously there is something wrong in the mind of these hunters. When you listen to Sarah Palling's interviews you can tell that she's definitely nuts.


To Brandon: Very nicely said!! I agree 100%!
I was thinking that if city folks would get stranded in the middle of the forest, they would freeze to death within a day or so. But put a hunter/hick person out there and you would find them a week later safe and sound. Wonder how these guys would do out in the middle of nowhere for a week with nothing. Watch Dual Survival on the Discovery Channel and see if you could what they do, doubt it though.


To Mike in LA. Your comments about hunters just prove your a ignorant a--hole and you don't care about anyone but yourself. I have hunted basically my entire life and I have a college education and work for DOD. So I guess I'm still a uneducated piece of white trash that kills animals. You are one of the liberals that keep wanting to take the rights of American citizens aren't you. I agree that some people just kill animals for fun, but that doesn't mean we all do. I love the way wild animals taste and also they are more healthy than the meat you buy in the store. So let me make myself clear! I am white not white trash, I love to hunt not just kill, I eat what I hunt and kill, and I am educated. So to say we are all uneducated white trash just proves what you really are.


Talk about being armed and dangerous. You have to admit it,there is never a dull moment with The Palins on the scene.


you know here husband is a native. it is part of his culture and she lives it that's what they do. it called survival and its a tradition that should not be lost.she went with her dad and that is awesome they spend time like that together. its not the bagging of the game as it is the experience. if you never went hunting your missing alot.


Sarah (Momma Grizzly), I got some advice 4 ya. Hunt an animal that can possibly kill you. You don't kill an animal unless you INTEND to eat it. Where are the Polar Bears and Sharks when America needs 'em?


Mommy she shot a reindeer!!


All i'm going to say is Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my God. That for a president. I Pray NOT to have her for anything. Poor animals


The show is NOT a hit. It shed 40% of it's viewership in it's second season. Plenty weird for a Hollywood gossip site to lambast PETA - I thought that you Hollywood types were all vegans and supporters of them? Maybe this website is just a shll for conservatives since it's writers think that Palin's flop show is a hit ...


To RB & Kiki who said: "PeTA needs to pipe down. If they have an issue, it's with the government. Let them work on getting the laws changed and leave the law abiding citizens alone." Rapists & child molesters often only serve 1/4 of their sentence due to overpopulated prisons. The poor victims feel they got no justice and then the criminals go back to committing their heinous crimes all over again. But it's all perfectly legal because it was the U.S. legal system that freed them from jail. Should people not complain, not bother to stand up? Your points are completely invalid.

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