New Kelly Clarkson Song: Listen, React Now!

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While fellow American Idol stars such as Carrie Underwood and Adam Lambert have produced a number of chart-topping, Grammy-nominated hits over the last year or so, we haven't heard much from Kelly Clarkson.

But it looks like that may soon change.

Even more importantly, it sounds like that will soon change. At the Night For Hope benefit concert in Nashville last week, Clarkson surprised fans with a rendition of "You Still Won’t Know What It’s Like." The single will be included on her new album, set for release in early 2011.

Give it a listen now and chime in: What do you think?

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i love it and i love kelly shes a good role model she don't put her self out there and go to parties and clubes i can't wait for her new album i got all her album love you kelly


Kelly can Sing.
She is multi
talented and
is great at what
she does....I
admire her for
staying out of
the gossip media.


The sound on this clip sucks...but I like just watching kelly sing through her facial expressions. She sings with conviction and I will always consider her THEE American Idol turned superstar. Gotta love it that she isn't all over the gossip pages etc... she could have, perhaps, chosen a different route and made a few more dollars but I would think the several million she did make have done her right. Keep singin' Kelly!


Kelly is always amazing. I have been a fan forever. She has the best voice I have ever heard. It gives me chills. I cannot wait until her new album. She is so down-to-earth and has a heart of gold! Beautiful person.


I have been watching Kelly Clarkson off and on since she won AI. Her voice has continued to improve, as well as her performances. She looks like she has lost about 30-pounds since May 2010. She is looking healthy now. She dressed up at the CMA's and the ACA after party. This benefit is the only time in the last few months that I have not seen her dress up. She (unlike some winners) is still the girl next door. She appears very real and down to earth. I am not sure why some people want to tear her down when she is already one of the most underrated singers out there. She really can sing any genre well.


Like what can I say It's a cool song I just don't understand what your trying to say sometimes Kelly but you know I've never seen a woman that has such a pretty smile and you are very special to me even though I really have to move on with out really a person to love in this life time.You no Brianne I understand when you say that it doesn't really matter in that song but your singing I wonder in real life to whom, I understand it like a song that talks about True Love were a woman is telling a man that their paths will meet again. I just wish you happines and I'll never deny that I Love you In the next life time though I was never meant for do or diein this life time and I know you understand because your so smart. I Love you so much!


Hey pathetic(sorry, ur name's that), wish i could 'like' or give a thumps up. Yeah Kelly Clarkson's weight is more overrated than her excellent voice!


The only reason that people pick on Kelly's few extra pounds is because that's ALL they got! Very few people can hold a candle to her voice, talent, and overall funny and caring personality. Those traits alone far "outweigh" a few pounds. Thank God Kelly is not just another talentless, skanky robot.


I like Kelly ... her voice is both soft 'n strong ... don't know about this song ... the sound seemed too 'tinny 'n reverberating' to make a decision. It sounds like it would be good but the video doesn't do the song or Kelly JUSTICE ... JMO BTW ... all you 'critics' .... you don't have to look good to sound good ... although I don't see anything wrong with Kelly's appearance ... looks good to me!!


Love it... And love her... I can't wait for her new album!!!