Matt Kemp: Busted Creepin' Behind Rihanna's Back?

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Was Matt Kemp just busted creepin' while Rihanna's outta town?

It's unclear, but ... watch the video below. Spotted by celebrity gossip personnel, the L.A. Dodgers star looked a bit uncomfortable, as if he was up to no good with an unknown girl. The way she reaches for him as he tries to ignore her?

A little shady, if nothing else. Check it out for yourself ...

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i cnat beilive he CHEATED on her


who CARES about celebrities lives geeez people do u not have a life of your own


Im on neddir side...rihanna killing that girl hands down....Did u see that girl outfit ugly, that baby gap shirt on...the way matt was acting, he always act like that to me...i think he dont like paps, just very low key


Rihanna u see all men are the next time if u find a good and sexy man like chris brown try to save him when things like what happen between u two happen.i love u Rihanna & Chris brown. Stay bless am from Ghana


@neddir aka Def Jam paid blogger or whoever you are I don't have to talk to anyone. From the time he walked out of the club he was acting very suspicious and shady like EVERY website has stated. Now why he choses to act like that if he isn't doing anything only he can answer but if I'm his girlfriend I would have some serious concerns with his behavior. And no I'm not obsessed with you....I read celebrity entertainment sites and everyone I go to you are there writing the same big long story which isn't necessary if he is in fact not guilty. You seem to be obsessed with trying to prove he isn't.


LED...I see you are obsessed with me. Don't be so gullible. Do you realize how many lives have been ruined because of misleading info and no facts...You have come to a conclusion based on less than 2 minutes of edited taping. You were not there, you have not spoken to the parties involved or others who were witnesses on scene. Get the raw footage from HollywoodTV and the club. Then come talk! You are dismissed!


Well Im not in Matt Kemp's camp and I think this is stupid.Im not even a fan of his but this is some serious reaching.Guy doesnt touch girl/groupie/fan? Who knows.But where's the cheating? There are a lot of leaps being made that are kinda juvenile and stupid.Oh, he's acting suspicious, our, he didnt want this precise thing to happen.At least thought he had grabbed a breast or something but this??THe girl clearly says Matt where's your friend.And she goes to him, and friend gets the number.Could it be for him?Who knows.But there are alot of assumed facts to put up a Matt is cheating is kinda wrong.My 2 cents.


Sounds like the comment below (@neddir) is from Matt Kemp's camp attempting to do damage control. Ha! But I tend to agree with what he/she is trying to say.


@neddir you keep going around to every blog riding this big long list of excuses trying to justify his action and you cant. We see with our very own eyes and ears whats going on. He is busted!


My question is why is Matt Kemp hanging around Kevin Federline? Or at least the two d-bags he was with.

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