Lady Gaga Named MTV Woman of the Year

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MTV has declared the incomparable Lady Gaga its Woman Of The Year for 2010, despite the singer not even releasing a new album in the last 12 months.

The network said Gaga's chart success, advocacy for gay rights and controversial videos (i.e. for "Telephone" and "Alejandro") were why she got the nod.

Gaga Goes Black

MTV is also a network that does not actually play music videos, and whose awards are always 100 percent arbitrary, so why bother with justification?

WOMAN OF THE YEAR: MTV loves it some Lady Gaga.

"Lady Gaga didn't even release a proper album in 2010, and somehow managed to become an even bigger star," the network said in a statement.

Don't forget about her fashion contributions. The meat dress may have something to do with it. She was also the channel's Woman of the Year for 2009.

Lady Gaga will release her second full-length studio album Born This Way in 2011, preceded by an unannounced lead single in February. Can't wait!


Ok u just say what u guys what she won and that is that just deal whit it haters!!!


She may be the biggest star now but 2011 wont belong to her i predict 2011 might belong to britney spears or selena gomez there so much hype around britney spears new album coming out and selena gomez is the fastest growing teen star the paparazzi is so crazy around her now.


She supports gay rights. Move over Cyndi Lauper and Kelly Osbourne, now I have a new favorite. Congrats on the award. I won't make fun of you anymore (for now).


I think in 2 years Man Goo Goo will rule


why MTV grant her the woman of the year based on her advocacy on gay right not on music? that is nobel prìze committee's job, not music network


well...not much to my surprise...shes ruling year 2010 now. wait till 3-4 years would change


How is Lady Gaga the woman of the year for MTV when she wasn't even ever on the channel? Shouldn't MTV have picked Snooki or a teenage mother? They are actually on MTV.

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