Kevin Smith: Virgin America Eats It

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Kevin Smith might want to consider alternate forms of transportation.


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    But he WASN'T late for his flight. He was ten minutes early for the departure. Why are you guys hating on him? He's not complaining because he thinks he has some sort of rich people sense of entitlement (not saying he doesn't have that anyway), he's complaining because he paid all of this money, showed up on time and they wouldn't let him on the plane for no reason at all.


    Self-absorbed, pretentious, excessively insular, indignant, snobbish, unfriendly, self-righteous...he pretends to be a regular guy, but he has lost touch with who the regular guy is....the only thing more bloated than his body is his head.


    It appears as though K-Fat is clearly as dumb as his films. You were late, dude. You got there 20 minutes after the boarding time.
    Take a bus from now on, at least that will give you more time to write more of the same shit.


    What a tool. Seriously, just because he's famous he should get on the plane b/c he was one minute late??? Anyone else would have gotten the same treatment, just like I did when I was 30 secs late. They shut the door, and basically said I am S.O.L., which I was. I was rebooked for another flight the next day and I didn't get refunded or a free plane tix.
    Hey Kevin, go make a movie and STFU you cry-baby whiner!!


    Quite frankly, they should have let him on the plane. The last time he gets insulted for being overweight and this time he's 60 seconds late and they shut him out? Talk about a problem with power. Get fuckin real. it's the plane company that need to get off their high horse.


    I have made hundreds of flights and missed a few too, probably for the same reason he did NOT admit. Had to grab one last smoke or cocktail and then couldn't get my fat ass back to the gate in time.


    The point was that late for his flight... and he is bitching at how the airline treated him? Please... get off your high horse. If he had gotten there on time (or lost a little weight), then I wouldn't be typing this comment now. He makes good movies, but just seems a little too self-absorbed in real life.

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