Kevin Smith: Virgin America Eats It

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Kevin Smith might want to consider alternate forms of transportation.

Seriously, you can pimp out your own tour bus and just enjoy the ride, John Madden style. Sure it takes longer, but the director and air travel just don't mix.

Smith, who famously feuded with Southwest after he was kicked off a flight for being too large in February, had issues with Virgin America this time around.

BLOWING SMOKE: When it comes to flying, Kevin Smith tends to.

Smith says on his blog that he, his wife Jennifer Schwalbach, and their friend Jason Mewes arrived at New York's JFK airport in plenty of time for a flight.

"Boarding started at 11:15, and we arrived at the gate at 11:35 – a full 10 minutes before scheduled departure," Smith wrote in a blog post on Monday.

"But as we reached the gate, we saw a man closing the door ... We told him we were on the flight and he told us it was too late; the flight was closed."

"It was 11:36."

Despite having first class seats and a concierge service, officials reportedly told Smith and his party that there was nothing he could do – nor could he take their bags, which included medication Smith's wife needed, OFF the flight.

"They didn’t even TRY to call someone about getting the bags," he wrote. "The plane sat right at the jetway still attached. Our bags could've EASILY been removed in the time the jet remained at the gate (or we could’ve been permitted to board)."

Smith said he waited until 10 minutes before departure to board because, "when you fly first, you board first, sit down … and then EVERYONE files past you."

"And when you're the Too Fat To Fly guy on a plane? Well, everyone stares," he adds. "Then the whispering starts. A hundred people look right at you."

While Smith ultimately missed his flight – and his child's first basketball game at school because of the delay – he was rebooked on a later flight.

He later received a nice surprise – a "lovely, apologetic email, full refund for flight, free tix offer – all before I've landed," Smith wrote.

"I appreciate the gesture/effort."

Virgin America 1, Southwest 0.


But he WASN'T late for his flight. He was ten minutes early for the departure. Why are you guys hating on him? He's not complaining because he thinks he has some sort of rich people sense of entitlement (not saying he doesn't have that anyway), he's complaining because he paid all of this money, showed up on time and they wouldn't let him on the plane for no reason at all.


Self-absorbed, pretentious, excessively insular, indignant, snobbish, unfriendly, self-righteous...he pretends to be a regular guy, but he has lost touch with who the regular guy is....the only thing more bloated than his body is his head.


It appears as though K-Fat is clearly as dumb as his films. You were late, dude. You got there 20 minutes after the boarding time.
Take a bus from now on, at least that will give you more time to write more of the same shit.


What a tool. Seriously, just because he's famous he should get on the plane b/c he was one minute late??? Anyone else would have gotten the same treatment, just like I did when I was 30 secs late. They shut the door, and basically said I am S.O.L., which I was. I was rebooked for another flight the next day and I didn't get refunded or a free plane tix.
Hey Kevin, go make a movie and STFU you cry-baby whiner!!


Quite frankly, they should have let him on the plane. The last time he gets insulted for being overweight and this time he's 60 seconds late and they shut him out? Talk about a problem with power. Get fuckin real. it's the plane company that need to get off their high horse.


I have made hundreds of flights and missed a few too, probably for the same reason he did NOT admit. Had to grab one last smoke or cocktail and then couldn't get my fat ass back to the gate in time.


The point was that late for his flight... and he is bitching at how the airline treated him? Please... get off your high horse. If he had gotten there on time (or lost a little weight), then I wouldn't be typing this comment now. He makes good movies, but just seems a little too self-absorbed in real life.