Jessica Simpson: BETRAYED By Eric Johnson!

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Life & Style is turning back the clock to 2005.

Having built quite a reputation shredding Jessica Simpson and her ex-husband Nick Lachey back then, imagine how pumped this tabloid is to have her engaged again! Imagine what shocking betrayals they can have Eric Johnson commit!

Jessica Betrayed!

If a star is betrayed, and no one buys the issue, is it even true?

Despite the dramatic headline that makes you think Eric cheated, the meat of the story (very lean meat at that) is that she's just "discovered Eric’s secret past." 

This runs counter to the main headline, but whatever. The details of what he did that's so bad? He studied how to snag a rich woman. He's a freeloader. Snooze.

Also, she's hot if nothing else, and this is one of the worst Jessica Simpson pictures ever. Why not show some cleave? Or a picture with the betrayer himself?

After they tried to make Jessica pregnant last week, this is two straight bombs, L&S. Do us a favor and step it up next week. Third time's the charm, baby.


quit calling jessica stupid you are just jealous of her , or wait you think Lindsey lohan is smart you are so stupid people


Poor Erin!!! Jessicow Simpson doesn't want to be left alone. She is one of the stupid famewhores who puts her whole life out there for publicity and attention. If Jessicow wanted to be left alone, do you think she would put her whole pathetic, copycat engagment out there for everyone to make fun of??? Jessicow is so desparate, she had to get engaged because Nick Lachey got engaged. How desparate! Everyone knows the engagement was all her doing, not Erics. Did you see her on the Morning Show? She told one lie after another. She has always been a liar, just like her whole pathetic family. If people like fake, pathetic, desparate, liars like Jessicow, then more power to you, but don't bash the people who don't fall for her lies, and the whole Simpson garabage can full of lies. Jessicow is no role model for women. She is nothing but a sell out and a famewhore, but then what reality star isn't.


Can they just leave her alone already... i'm so sick of hearing people bash her for fun... gross!


Oh Jessi?? Here's a clue: Pro football players with the big $$$ still play or are proudly retired. We know your NOT a gold-digger due to your clothing line alone. But with some dudes, you just need to Google in lieu of Giggle.

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Not a Major Movie Star By Any Means
Sweet mother of G-d, Jessica Simpson has got some huge breasts. Holy frickin' $h!t. Look at those things! She also possesses a singing... More »
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They're just the cutest couple in the world. They are adorable. Anybody would wish to be them and you can only wish them well. Just being around them inspires love and everything I sing about.

Jessica Simpson [on her sister and Pete Wentz]

It’s fun to do a small film that might be released to DVD not because it’s a horrible film, but because it’s an independent film. For people to say Employee of the Month was a flop is ludicrous. We made the money back–that’s not a flop. For people to say The Dukes of Hazzard was a flop–it opened to $30 million! If these movies are flops, why would I still make them?

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