Jake Gyllenhaal Plays Santa for Taylor Swift

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It's nice to be the girlfriend of Jake Gyllenhaal. Very, very nice.

The actor has reportedly played wealthy Santa Claus to Taylor Swift, gifting her over the last couple weeks with a number of high-priced items. According to In Touch Weekly, Gyllenhaal has handed out:

  • A $10,000 Fender Gretsch guitar, signed by country artist Chet Atkins.
  • A $100,000 diamond bracelet that sources describe as "Oscar-worthy."
  • Due to the couple's mutual love of coffee, 21 pounds of the best Kona beans available, along with a coffee grinder and a maker.

Gyllenhaal also went with a home-made Christmas card over a generic store-bought one. No wonder Swift is obsessed with Jake, huh?


So, this wasn't true I guess since they were already broke up at this time? Did he buy her these things or not?


i think jake and taylor deserve each other.taylor is such an innocent girl and jake is very sincere and caring.


she better treat him right

Tanika kiedis

Lucky thing.


I'm very happy for Taylor and Jake. I think Taylor is a wonderful artist; her songs are catchy and easy to relate to, and she is a fantastic role model for young girls, which is impressive. And Jake seems very sincere in his relationships (Reese Witherspoon comes to mind!) I think they both deserve happiness and it's good they've found that in each other. However, I hope the price tags aren't what matter most to her. Honestly, the homemade Christmas card he gave her sounds sweet, and more sincere than the $100,000 Oscar-worthy bracelet. During the holiday season (and any time of year, for that matter) it's very important to remember those who are less fortunate. $100,000 gifts on a new relationship seems a bit much to me.


When the Beatles proclaimed that you can't buy love they were joking. PS - Taylor and Jake are climbing quickly up my barf meter.

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