Taylor Swift & Jake Gyllenhaal: Cuddly, Cozy, Obsessed with Each Other!

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Taylor Swift celebrated her 21st birthday with friends and family members yesterday.

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    Jake, as for personal opinion, you are not attractive with no hair...stick with having some hair on your BIG head-LOL! It is interesting to also have discovered how he rides road bikes, him being 4 days after my own birthdate and also runs(however I Canyon trail run...not on concrete pavement---not good!). I liked his response on 'relationships'; "I believe every women and man deserves to find the right partner" as some relationships were meant to be and are long lasting, while others are not. I still, as for one of my continuing pass time hobbies; writing my own version of screenplays and other creative writings; there are several character parts that he would be good in, but I'll leave that up to the screenplay writers who are found to be 'accepted' in Hollywood realm as developing movies for the current and popular actors and actresses. Nevertheless, I still have my own curiosities of what he REALLY consists of....LOL!


    Okay, for all you people saying that Taylor isn't the best singer, and she dosen't have a heart. SHUT UP AND GO BACK TO KINDERGARDEN! She has AMAZING talent, and if you think she don't have talent, I'd like to see you sing! AND FOR ALL YOU PEOPLE SAYING SHE DOSEN'T HAVE A HEART BECAUSE SHE BROKE UP WITH TAYLOR, WELL SHE WROTE HIM A SONG, AND THAT SONG WAS ONE OF THE BEST SONGS SHE EVER WROTE.
    Kay, well that all needed to say, I wasn't going to comment, but all those other comments peed me off. x)


    Taylor dates everyone. This will be over n a month or two n taylor will have a new song. But as far as she cant sing i havent heard her n person (i dont listen to country much ) 4rm what ive heard shes okay shes not celine dione or ne thing


    ,,hey taylor!!!i hope u cn read this!!Jake gyllenhaal is so very,very,very,very,very,very,very,very..!!!UUUGGGGLLLLLLYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!wake up gurl!!!


    Friend I have a question for you... Why do you think that everyone when they turn 21 should go out and get plastered? How do you know that's not what she wanted? We put these people down for partying and we put them down for NOT partying. No wonder everyone finds our country a joke.


    Jake is awsome. Swift is cute, she writes songs, but she is not a great singer. Her voice is average! People need to stop obbsessing over someone that doesn't know how to sing. Anyone can be a freaking singer and actor now a days, they are just average people that are getting paid millions of dollars that we need! When they are just spending it on luxaries.


    they dont even look good together..... she is ugly and he is cute...... i see another song coming out of this so called relationship


    who cares
    she is so young and should keep her mouth shut
    she has nothing to say !!
    he is cute and is just running around with every girl he can having fun
    Why not they want him too
    we will hear in 3 days how these two are not together anymore but remain friends
    How sickening and unimportant!!


    swift doesen't have a heart
    to lose a diamond like lautner --I'm sad for her !!


    This is just a personal observation, But aren't all three of the guys that Taylor dated rumored,(or thought) to be gay? Jonas, Lautner, and Gyllenhaal. What girl doesn't go out and celebrate her 21st birthday. Her PR people are controlling her public life with an iron fist. What she does in private, we can only guess.

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