Dude Legally Changes Name to Captain Awesome

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Some crazy guy actually went and changed his name to "Captain Awesome" in honor of the character from NBC's Chuck. Seriously. He got an ID and everything!

Awesome, previously known as unemployed 27-year-old Douglas Allen Smith Jr., legally made the switch earlier this fall. Chuck is now in its fourth season.

No word on why he has a state ID but no driver's license (too many DUIs, perhaps?) or whether Capt. Awesome is trying to compensate for being 5'2" ...

Capt. Awesome

In related news, Free Britney has been toying with the idea of a name change to honor either McDreamy from Grey's Anatomy or the Man in Black from Lost.

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Ahahahaahahaahahhhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahaaaha. Is all I have to say.


haha nice to know some ones got a sence of humor but really did u have to make it legal?


wow and he's from my state. Oh gosh that makes us Oregonians look bad.


I think it's awesome! Hahahahaha!


Actually, I knew "Captain Awesome" when he was Doug Smith. Went to school with him, and hung out some over the years. He's a character, and this is just an extension of the light hearted, and funny dude he is. Y'all should get over it. Have a sense of humor..lifes too short not to.


When he comes around to his "true" self, he might then realize that he has a few issues that need to be confronted.I'm Just Saying!!!


BTW. What does it matter to anyone about his employment status or why he doesn't have a drivers license? MYOB. duh.... this reminds me of prince.


well i like it, and thinks its awesome id change my name if it wouldnt hurt my aunts feelings. I think it shows character and a sense of humor


I don't drive and never have wanted to.. It's a lifestyle choice.. I'm just not into burning dinosuars I guess..


Mcdreamy!!! I love greys anatomy *^_^*