Dr. Drew to Miley Cyrus: Seek Help!

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You won't believe this, but Dr. Drew Pinsky has an opinion on the Miley Cyrus salvia controversy.

Asked by Access Hollywood about the video of that singer smoking a hallucinogenic herb at her 18th birthday party, Dr. Drew cited the divorce of Miley's parents.

“Her family’s in trouble, so it’s not unusual to see depression manifesting as various kinds of acting out behaviors. Adolescents don’t get depressed the way adults do. They don’t get sad and cry and withdraw. They often act out and become irritable... she seems to be suffering.”

Celebrating Herself

Dr. Drew thinks Miley Cyrus should seek help. Preferably on VH1, we'd imagine, in front of a camera and a certain exploitive therapist.

What advice does the Celebrity Rehab host have for Miley?

“If I had a child that was doing that or if I was advising a parent, I would say get professional help immediately,” he said. “This is a child who is in trouble and who is suffering and this is her way of trying to manage that. Get professional help.”

So far, we've only heard one thing from Billy Ray Cyrus on the incident. He's very sad about it.






She wasnt suffering doctor, she was laughing and having fun....leave her alone....gossip channels on tv like to air this garbage because they have nothing better to do, they need to fill up their air space for their air head staff... I'd avise gossip tv to just show us film and tv skits....not gossip....when people are NOT working, leave them alone....HR would fire anyone that kept this gossip stuff up...tv stations need ethics..............


aww... thats sad..I love Miley :(


I feel sorry for alot of the children who are put in the limelight. Those who have famous parent or parents have it even harder. Most children today do not have a chance to be children. Instead they have to be told about terrible things early in life just to protect them from all the vices and tragic things that they are confronted in life. Miley was one who was thrust into the role of an adult thru the shows and media and even tho her father was on the show with her he was unable to be the father that she needed. I cannot pretend to act like the perfect parent, but children like Miley need alot of love and direction from someone. In my life, that was GOD. Maybe Miley and other young children should be introduced to HIM. I hope that Miley finds her love and direction very soon.


I love her but she needs help. Just because were here fans does not mean we need 2 excuse her wrong behavior if that was ur child wouldnt u want them 2get help...We can be there for here but she needds help b4 it gets any worse,


well i think that it is time for miley to get help her partying has gotten oit of control and she needs to seek help like dr. Drew said for her to do and he is trying to reach out to her so i hope he helps her get the help that she needs and i wish miley the best .


I'm very disappointed in miley.. I'm a fan of hers and she has brought me gr8 shame.. But I still feel that this is just a cry for help.. Miley needs help and I do hope someone will give her the support she needs.. I would hate to see her end up like lindsay or brittany.. :(


Miley querida. Eu odeio voce!


Dr. Drew apparently doesn't know much about adolescent depression. Many depressed adolescents DO get sad, cry, and withdraw. Sorry, her behavior doesn't look like depression to me. It looks like the behavior of a girl who has been allowed to run wild.

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