Politician Pushes for Salvia Ban, Comes Down on Miley Cyrus

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The newly released video of Miley Cyrus smoking a bong full of salvia has critics of that singer fired up and fans of the singer concerned for her well-being.

It also has Anthony Adams shaking his head.

A former California State Assemblyman, Adams tried passing 2007 legislation that would outlaw the herb and place it in the same classification as controlled substances such as LSD. The bill was voted down, however, and Adams settled for a restriction of selling salvia to minors.

As evidenced by Miley's loopy behavior above, Adams tells TMZ salvia can make "you do incredibly crazy things," adding: "Miley is a star and young kids are going to emulate her behavior."

That's why he's hoping to use this incident to bring back his failed bill, saying: "It's time for state and federal governments to renew their push toward an outright ban."

Think Adams has the right idea? What's your take on Miley smoking this substance? It is...


dude seriously guys paparzzi needs to back off her she is 18 and salvia is legal. and its not addictive. and marijuana is legal too!! but she isnt smoking that. leave her alone. i


omg guys everyone who says her life is over now? or aw she was suh a good girl. just because she smoked a bowl of salvia doesnt make her a freakin drug addict jeez just like marijuana, its NOT addicting in any way shape or form! its not like shes shootin up heroin or smokin crack or droppin pill after pill? she was having some fun for a night obvisously she is not going to get hurt she is with friends in a house. let it be. dangg i actually dont think there is a single person in the world that has not smoked weed. esspesially famous hollywood stars considering the daily stress tied in with what they do. and it is complete nonsense to say that smoking weed once or twice a week is bad other than the fact that it is illigal. ( which is also dumb) but i suport her just hope she doesnt gett hooked on pills but if shes smart she will know that she should stick with if anything weed


i think it was really wrong for miley to do this. i have supported her through whatever she has done in the past but this is just without a doubt un acceptable to everyone. she's not just making her older fan base turn against her but she needs to realise she has a younger fan base aswell and it's not fair on them. i love miley cyrus and i hope she doesn't make the incident a habbit as i would hate to see her turn out to be like lindsay lohan. i hope she realises this is wrong! love you miley.


♪Do you have the time
to listen to them whine
abut something they've never
tried themelves?
Everyone is one of those
stupid judgemental fools
idiotic to the bone
no doubt about it!
I don't agree with smoking
I don't think Miley's good for kids
It all keeps adding up!
Celebrities are just f***ed up!
I just hope she doesn't hurt anyone
while she's stoned♪


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Dear : THE
Omg...wat u tryin to say?!?
Did u write a speach or sumthing??
Wowwwww...dnt do ur script here,plz!! This is a comments space not a blog!!
Write on ur own blog,for god sake!!


Big deal. It's legan, anyone can try it. So what if she tried it. Okay, so she's famous.. big fuckin deal. She's an 18 who's going to be doing different things and experimenting. Leave the fuckin broad alone. I'm usually all gung-ho about picking on her.. but this time. It's rediculous. I know it's a substance, but it's also legal and she has her own free will to try things and things with her friends. If kids do it just because she is.. well they're fuckin stupid then, a normal human being who's learning knows not to do things just because someone else says so.
Gimme a break.

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