Dr. Conrad Murray Preliminary Hearing Set For Next Week; Prosecutors to Outline Case

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Dr. Conrad Murray's preliminary hearing begins Tuesday. He faces a felony charge of involuntary manslaughter in the 2009 death of Michael Jackson.

When it does, don't expect him to raise many objections to the prosecution's case against him. Instead, he'll just sit back and see what they've got.

As the prosecution lays out its case, Murray's lawyer Ed Chernoff will be looking for holes and inconsistencies, but won't present his side. Why?

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OBSERVE AND REPORT: Murray will do little else.

The judge will surely order Murray to stand trial. Judges rarely dismiss cases after a preliminary hearing, so there's no point in defending him now.

Proving Murray's guilt is a serious, more complicated task, but proving he should merely stand trial in the eyes of a judge? It's all but a done deal.

Murray reportedly plans to argue that Michael Jackson killed himself with the lethal dose of Propofol, but you won't hear that next week at all.

Instead, he'll watch the state play its hand and plan his strategy for the manslaughter trial that will almost certainly follow later in the year.

The prosecution will call around 30 witnesses, including experts and LAPD members, to establish Murray acted recklessly in drugging MJ.

Another potential Murray defense angle when the time comes? That so many others over-medicated MJ, it's impossible to single him out.

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It's obvious that Dr Murray's defense team is trying to drag this trial out as long as they can. Hopefully this tactic doesn't work because he is defiitely guilty as charged. He lost to us a world treasure.


i that crazy doctor should go to jail and be roommate with the one who kill selena


dr.murray will be found guilty!!


he shouldt never left the room in the first place i mean why would he even do that just to make a call and call his wife and go to the bathroom adn then come back and find muchael jackson dead its the doctor falt for doing that


CM, can argue wahtever he wants, he was the only "DR" there, and he had a contract to be MJ's Doctor. I don't think manslaughter is appropriate in this case. This was murder.