Brandi Glanville on Eddie Cibrian-LeAnn Rimes Engagement: Eh, Whatever ...

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Brandi Glanville, whose marriage to Eddie Cibrian imploded after he had an affair with LeAnn Rimes, is indifferent about their engagement.

"Brandi knew this was coming for a while, but after everything she's been through since finding out, she couldn't care less," says a source.

"LeAnn has gotten exactly what she wanted from the get go."

"[Brandi] never wanted Eddie back, so it didn't matter to her at all if they got engaged, broke up or whatever. Now he's LeAnn's problem."

Not exactly a congratulatory message. Hey, at least she didn't go all Carrie Underwood on his car ... again. She really did that last year.

"Now LeAnn can wonder what he's really doing on those boys-only weekend trips, who he's always texting, who's at his 'poker nights.'"

Mason, Jake and Eddie have moved in at Rimes' home. Says the source: "As long as she's good to her boys, it doesn't matter to Brandi."

"LeAnn should keep her eyes open," the insider adds. "A tiger never loses his stripes."

Brandi Glanville was married to Cibrian for eight years and they have two sons together: Mason, 7, and Jake, 3. They divorced in August.

Rimes' seven-year marriage to Dean Sheremet officially ended this time last year. Sheremet himself is engaged to girlfriend Sarah Silver.

It's been a turbulent situation from the get-go, but here's hoping everyone moves on happily ... or as close to it as humanly possible.

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