Do Not Effin' Get NEAR Jennifer Aniston!

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Looks like Chelsea Handler isn't the only person Jennifer Aniston doesn't want near her. An insider on the set of her new movie describes her "ring of buffers."

"It was an unspoken thing that you couldn't get within 20 feet of Jen. She surrounded herself with a ring of buffers at all times," says a Wanderlust source.

Raising Her Hand

"She traveled with them from her trailer to the set and back."

Is Jen pulling a diva act on us?

Her rep calls this "false," and says "Jennifer had a blast filming Wanderlust."

So what really happened on the set? Will this new movie bomb like her previous 20 efforts? Will she ever stop loving Brad Pitt? We may never know ...

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Hi jen I will always love you.


truth be told...what angie did was so wrong on so many level but it does speak volumes about her charecter. woman to woman brad will always have love in his heart for jen thats why angie feel threatin besides let him have that drug addict with multiple personalities


just because she doesn't donate her time to buying kids like angelina, doesn't mean she doesn't donate. Has it crossed anyones pathetic little minds that she does it in private? Cos there are people who do it out of pure kindness not publicity. Do you people really think she wants her private dating life in the papers or mags all the time? The only reason why her dates are in there cos the mag reps etc know that they will sell more, don't you people know anything about how they play the game? What's more people gunna be interested in, Jen having a nice meal with her family or seeing who she's now dating? Think about it people. Jennifer Aniston fan all the way :)


lol. sure at "tellingtruth" i'm so sure that a story like that wouldn't get out, even though every other story that celebraties don't want out still do. you're so full of crap. i'm so sure that workers would just keep that to themselves (even though a magazine would pay A LOT for a story like that). HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!


All you need to know about Aniston can be summed up in one story. A friend of mine worked on a magazine shoot for He's Just Not That Into You. Aniston agreed to do the cover but not with Jennifer Connelly or Scarlet Johansen because she wanted to be front and center. Barrymore and Goodwin aren't that beautiful so they wouldn't over take her on the cover. In fact, it was even reported on even though the magazine staff was told by Aniston's people to not let this story get out. I don't think either Connelly or Johansen lost any sleep about it though.


@ hasbeen aniston, jennifer aniston is the 4th highest paid actress in hollywood, angelina jolie didn't even break the top 5, she came in 7th place, so that's pretty news-worthy besides her being brad pitts ex (unluckly for her) and not to mention that bangin body of hers


oh, to "Hasbeen Aniston" just to clear up the whole charity thing, aside from donating to St. Jude's Children Medical Center, jen also gives to: AmeriCares, Bear Necessities Pediatric Cancer Foundation, Clothes Off Our Back, EB Medical Research Foundation, Feeding America, Friends of El Faro, GLAAD, Habitat For Humanity, Lili Claire Foundation, Luke Neuhedel Foundation, OmniPeace, Project A.L.S., Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network, US Campaign for Burma, and she volunteers at Feeding America, and a few other places, so she not only gives money, she gives her time. she's a very charitable person, and she's known for having parties at her house, and hosting her family gatherings at her home too


@ "Hasbeen Aniston" umm, no, i think it's fine that you're writing, it just shows how delusional angelina fans are, you have to make up things about jennifer aniston to make her look bad. and actually, Sandra Bullock is the highest paid actress in hollywood, not angelina jolie. you need to calm down, i agree with "crazy people" you need help for all of the stories you're making up, or maybe you can channel that insanity and write some books with all of the fiction that you're making up. you're trying to talk about jennifer aniston, but you're the one who has an obsessive hatred for jennifer aniston for one reason: because she's brad pitt's ex-wife, now that is as demented as a person can get


Doesn't it strike you as odd that in the last 15 years there isn't ONE photo of her with her mother or brother? Not ONE story of her spending ONE holiday with ONE member of her HUGE Greek family? Nor is there ONE story of her spending the day with her goddaughter Coco. Not ONE photo of her volunteering to serve meals to the homeless. Only stories about who she is "dating" and the dates only last ONE TIME. And never any pictures of her doing things normal couples do with her supposed "dates" -- no stops at Starbucks (as with Jake and Taylor) or to the grocery store, or the movies -- NOTHING! Just stories about how some man was looking "adoringly" at her, but we NEVER see any PICS of this. What we DO have are HUNDREDS of photos of her looking adoringly at COURTNEY as she clings to her for dear life. How stupid do you have to be to believe Huvane's weekly insults to your supposed intelligence? How many years are you going to believe this illogical crap?


to "Hasbeen" all of the things you are saying are just things that you are making up in your head. all these conspiracies that you're making up in your head. where is all the evidence for this? why whould she want people to think she loves brad after all of these years, when that is bad publicity for her!? you're insane. jen donates A LOT of money to thrid world countries, and to St. Jude's (a research foundation for childhood diseases), and she actually does it to be charitable, that's why, unlike angelina, she doesn't call the media every time she writes a check. EVERYTHING you're saying that jen is supposedly doing are crazy made up stories, get help.