Jennifer Aniston: I Can't Stop Loving Brad Pitt!

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A week after the Jason Trawick-Britney Spears abuse scandal garnered great publicity but was quickly denounced as bogus by the star's camp (and forensic voice experts), Star Magazine is returning to its tabloid bread and butter:

How Jennifer Aniston still hearts Brad Pitt so hard!

Backstabbing Jen!

Years have passed, but bogus feelings and heartbreak remain.

It's been half a decade since Brad ditched her for the voluptuous sexual being known as Angelina Jolie, and Jen has had several long-term relationships since.

Why let that get in the way of headlines that work, though!?

The angle this week is Jen confessing her feelings to BFF Chelsea Handler, which likely sparked the recent anti-Jolie tirade for which she's not sorry, BTW.

Hey, what are friends for? Chelsea's gotta stick up for her girl. Kinda surprising she still feels so strongly after Brad nailed a Jen lookalike, but whatever.

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if jen is still in luv with brad pitt just let her be......why star magazine have to write that down .if shes in luv with brad just leave her alone because she wont go and kidnapped brad from ange


voluptuous means a curvy woman, and angelina jolie is anything but that, with her twig-figure, and stick-like arms and legs. just thought you guys should know, because you are not using words correctly.


oh...bad people.....leave brangelina alone......and jen. is a stubborn....if a person don't like you anymore then don't......... LOVE BRANGELINA


Jen is not pathetic if she is still in love with Brad, if she is it's sad, because it really happens, some people find that one true love and that's it forever!


Jennifer Aniston is pathetic. What a loser!!!!!!!!


There are more important things in life beside Jennifer, Angelina and Chelse. God Bless them ALL!


Team Aniston - Handler!!! The Pitt - Jolie clan is nothing more then a freak show ... I could do without them!


Angelina Jolie is a beauty, shes kind and cares for people, unlike the whinney Jennifer Anniston, who makes people sick,,, Get a life Jen why would Brad want you when he has the best at home, A real woman with a heart, looks, body and brains somthing you lack


Is there ever going to be a day when we don't have to hear about these people? It blows my mind that they have been apart for so long now yet the story drags on and on and on.


I hope all you Jen and Chelsea haters keep stirring the pot. Chelsea is not one to be fooled around with. I hope she gets some new material on Angie, as she put it, and then rips her a new ars hole. Even the women on the view agreed with Chelsea. They all said it was comedy and comedians should be able to say whatever they wish. Whoopie even called Chelsea a very great comedian. Take that Angie, and shove it. More to come from Chelsea.