Demi Lovato: Nearing Settlement with Alex Welch

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As expected, it looks like Demi Lovato and Alex Welch are close to reaching a settlement.

A day after the 21-year old back-up dancer told the world that Demi had yet to apologize for last month's punch to the face, the legal action has heated up between lawyers for both parties.

Freedom for Demi

Soon after his client gave this interview, Don Karpel said he would file suit against the Sonny With a Chance actress "in the next seven to 10 days" for alleged assault and battery.

That got the attention of Lovato's team, spokesman Jesse Derris said:

"Demi's attorneys have had an initial discussion with Mr. Karpel. They are exploring the possibility of an amicable resolution of this matter. We do not plan on making further public comments during this process."

Without going into detail, Karpel echoed this sentiment, telling E! News: "I have engaged in discussions with Demi Lovato's attorney. I'm fairly confident we will be able to resolve these issues."

Expect an undisclosed amount to be exchanged between the two sides in the near future.


Alex welch is a mother fucking bitch


demi lovato stinks


IF you guys honestly think she is going to REHAB for ATTETNION, you guys are seriously cruel. Look, the only reason she is even being brought up is because of the whole scandal with Alex Welch. And, first off, if Demi truely just wanted to get more popular with putting herself in rehab wouldn't she have went to a POPULAR rehab? One for the celebrities. So, seriously 'James and Ariasboy and whoever else thinks like this: SHUT UP.' No one purposefully goes to rehab, seriously, not even Lindsay Lohan wanted to be there, but she kept messing up and was sent there. Wow, she makes mistakes. They're not God, they're human, good grief.


@james well said


"Im one of her fans and im just gonna say Demi will be way more popular post rehab than prerehab. I know this is no publicity stunt, but she will get a lot of publicity!" Are you kidding me? Of course she is! Look how much popularity she has now! This is a HUGE career boost. Her album sales significantly increased, she's made headline news for six weeks in a row, damn right she's gonna be more popular post rehab. America loves a flawed celebrity!


You know the apology should be between demi and Alex. No need for a huge public apology. It should remain a private matter betwen the two.


This girl has a screw loose.


Demi looks hot in this picture. Im one of her fans and im just gonna say Demi will be way more popular post rehab than prerehab. I know this is no publicity stunt, but she will get a lot of publicity!

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