Christinna Renee Robinson: 16, Pregnant, Mad at MTV

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Christinna Renee Robinson is 16 and Pregnant (or was) and her baby daddy's relatives are steamed over their recent portrayal on the show by that name.

Her baby daddy's mom, Kathleen Green, says that she may sue the network, claiming that the producers schemed to make her look reckless and cold.

Reality shows manipulating footage to sell better story lines ... shocking.

Baby Destiny isn't the only one kicking and screaming ...

In a feud Farrah Abraham can sympathize with, Kathleen says MTV "defamed" the family, and that "nothing that aired is what happened" in real life.

They say MTV staged shots and heavily edited footage on the Teen Mom precursor as Christinna and boyfriend Isiah prepped for the birth of Destiny.

Kathleen is very upset with a scene involving a DNA test she bought for Christinna, claiming she came off as a bitch when MTV left out a key detail.

"They didn’t show that [Christinna] had told us she had had sex with some other guy," says Kat, calling it grounds to go after MTV for defamation.

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next up: mtv to re-edit some words so that somebody comes off as a racist...? Not as though nbc tried such a stunt with the martin/zimmerman story.


I feel SO BAD for her. She did not have any family there to defend her which is SO SAD! and she took care of that baby not knowing anything all on her own. His family has NO CLASS. They acted the way they did was was unacceptable. It is what it is. If they dont like how they looked, Then they need to CHANGE their IGNORANT ways. They got a good daughter in law so they should be greatful cause i know I probably would have eventually snapped and Christinna kept cool


I kno from personal experience that they change the words. I was soo upset because in my mind I'm thinking like that's not wat I said.


I'm glade that Christanna follwer her ways and taking care of Destiny.


I think the show is great. This show helps teenagers see that if they make grown up decisions there will be grown up consequences. It shows them that having a baby at an early age is a struggle. It opens their eyes to the fact that they can't believe everything that some sweet talker tells them. They are shown all the sacrifices and responsibility that it takes to be a parent.


I think Christina is very beautiful..wish I could meet her. I would treat her like a queen and her daughter like my own.


That family acted ridiculous. They knew how they were acting they just didn't like the response. They were just ignorant.


ok i think it is scary but its happening NOW there are so many teen girls that are having kids this year and even the ones who came up the right way its hard to stop kids are having sex regardless if we can get them birthcontrol it may lower but this show helps the teens who are and shows the ones who are not how they are struggling pls dnt attack this show the kids teen are having is a new generation time to stop being upset but time to deal! lets stop this from cont. next year at least try....


1.christinna is 19 now and isnt mad @ mtv 2.if u go to her formspring she answers questions and she has said that she took the dna test and that isiahs cheap family didnt wanna pay to get the results back 3.isiah and her are broken up because he cheated on her and didnt act like a father 4.she lives in ny now and isiah hasnt attempted to see his daughter in 2 months! yea some good dad! a 19 yr old woman whos a full time student with her own apt in ny with a 1 yr old? sounds very responsible to me. babydaddy needs to get his act together n stop hanging around his leech of a mom,grandma and sister who r in this for the money!


I agree with Dakota and Randy. It's really scary in these times when so much of society is going down the tubes that instead of producing some more family style or educational shows(I know it's MTV but I am just sayin)that these companies continue to exploit people for their own monetary gain without any consideration for all of the kids out there who are going to see these shows. I am NOT a prude but this is why t.v. was better when I was a kid. The programmers actually cared and wanted to protect kids from this kind of crap. Now it's all about money and fame. Our values as a society as portrayed by the media are going right down the toilet.