Chris Brown Completes Domestic Violence Course, Tweets Diploma and Inspiring Message

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Critics will nitpick everything he does, but Chris Brown has been nothing but a model citizen since his February 2009 arrest for assault on Rihanna.

That said, this Twitter pic of the certificate he got for completing a court-mandated 52-week domestic violence course is sure to elicit reactions.

The only question in our mind: Frame it or put it on the fridge?

Brown Diploma

Chris Brown remains on probation until 2014.

As if anticipating the obligatory "why post this when it's a reminder of the crap you did to end up in the program to begin with" question, he writes:

"i have enough self respect and decency to be proud of accomplishing this DV class.. Boyz run from there mistakes.. Men learn from them!!! thx"

Even more inspirational than these Kenny Powers quotes. Simply moving.

In all seriousness, good for him for moving on and putting his best foot forward. There will be skeptics, always, but his actions are doing the talking.


@RB Redmond, "Abuser?".


Will wait for a while before drawing a conclusion, cause only the future will tell if he really learned something or not. Being an abuser is very difficult to stop. I pray that he TRULY has done so, because I don't think it's much fun being the abuser either - but am not sure.


@Marie, what does "who do you do it" mean? And, you're welcome. Thank you for a having a vagina to share with the world, even though it bleeds.


Well thank you USMC for being such a fine upstanding asshole! Who do you do it?


@hannah its not like he beat ha everyday she pushed nd pushed until he snaped- its not ok to hit/hurt anyone- but it tha words of keri hilson everyone has a breaking point so give him a break he is nt askn for a pat on tha bac but forgiveness for makin a big mistake


@USMC you meant to say Negro. Your spell check must be messed up. And even in this day and age The term "Negro" is now widely considered to be obsolete, and it is not commonly used. It is still used in some historical contexts, such as in the name of the United Negro College Fund and the Negro league in sports. But thanks for pointing out the obvious that he is a man of color. ; )


great he completed, lets hope it sinks in and he doesn't do it again. but i aint going to judge him because he made a mistake.
if he slips up again - imma put my foot in his ass bot everyone deserves a second chance..


Im proud of him...real men learn frm their mistakes nw if he does it again we'll knw his true character. We all fall one time in our lives.....


Agrre with Hannah, Who the Hell does he think he is . He did something wrong.


Oh well done, he should be soo proud of himself. Ooohhh please he thinks that people should tap him on the back for finishing his DV course. Well I certainetly NOT!!

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