Charles Barkley Calls Out Brett Favre, Small Junk

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Brett Favre crossed the line by allegedly texting pics of his penis to Jenn Sterger, but not in the way that the media has been reporting it, Charles Barkley feels.

Barkley told The Roundtable on WJOX in Birmingham, Ala., that he is "100 percent against sexual harassment," but that Sterger never accused Favre of that.

The whole Brett Favre scandal has been a "witch hunt," in Barkley's mind: "I don't know Brett Favre, but worst case ... Brett Favre's just a freak apparently."

Barkley: Favre "broke one of the Ten Commandments."

In fact, Sir Charles goes on, “My biggest problem with the whole Favre thing is if you’re going to send a woman a picture of your junk, it should be huge."

"You can't send small junk to a woman and expect anything."

Well, there you have it. Listen to his remarks here. Then watch a recent interview he gave with David Letterman in which Barkley made similar points ...


Charles Barkley isn't racist, he's just stupid. Men shouldn't send photos of their "junk" to women unless their "junk" is huge? What a moron. Why is he even on television right now? He hasn't played basketball - which is stupid sport anyway (lol) - in like 15 years and is in no way even vaguely relevant . . . In other words . . . just go away Charles . . . no one cares what you think.


Charles Barkley is just like 95% of the Blacks in this Country! He tries to believe he has no prejudice in him. He thinks it's all the Whites who need improvement. Anyone with a good eye can see this In Barklay. On any given day he will spout out Racist thoughts and then say he was misquoted or throw out a weak apology! Then he does it again! He is the most Racist piece of Shit there is! He knows it! So do I!


This is coming from a guy who once spit on a kid sitting in the stands in Philadelphia.


If Brett Favre has a small willy, then he may have to be more flexible with his sexuality. I use to do a form of sex counseling. Here is my advice... He should go to the nearest Good Vibrations store or adult bookstore. Men with small penises use strap ons, vibrators or dildos to please their partners. He may have to become an oral sex connoisseur. (He should also take a massage class and develop a sensual skill to compensate for the little guy down there.) He can buy a pump to manually enlarge the penis over time. He can also try penis enhancement surgery since he has the money for it. Bringing a hung or normal dick sized male sex serrogate into the relationship can be helpful/threesomes. And finally, he can always become gay and be a bottom, the guy who gets the penis in his booty. I have more suggestions but I don't want to get R-rated on anyone. Better to keep it PG.


lol mistress lucifer its cause your a whore and have a loose vagina. If you were nice and tight you wouldnt mind but your a whore so shitty deal


Barkley is way too funny-LMAO!!!


You got that right. If the junk is small, I dont call at all.

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