Report: Brett Favre Asked Jenn Sterger For Masturbation Video

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Former New York Jets employee Jenn Sterger, who was allegedly sent photos of Brett Favre's penis (maybe you heard), also got a text from the NFL star.

A text in which he asks her for a video of her masturbating.

That's according to sources connected to NFL's investigation into the star's conduct in 2008. The video request reportedly came months after the pics.

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THUMBS UP: I'm a fan. Now how 'bout pleasuring yourself on tape?

It's not clear if Jenn Sterger turned over the masturbation video request to the NFL, which has yet to decide if Favre violated its personal conduct policy.

Even if he violated a cardinal rule by texting his small junk, according to Charles Barkley, it's becoming clear that Brett Favre is a wild, sexual freak.

He admitted hollering at Sterger, as heard on the voicemail leaked online, and while he denies sending any photos of his wang, you have to wonder.

Who the heck knows what specifics are true, but between this and Rex Ryan's foot fetish video, the Jets PR department has a lot on its plate lately.


i say tony romo is better then bret


Bret Favre is one of my last American football hero's, a dying breed as far as I am concerned. I was a HUGE Bret fan, pulled for him in GB and as a fellow NYer was so excited when he joined the Jets. This action on his part is completely disgusting, my views of him our forever changed. As a sexual abuse survivor you can not question why a girl waited to speak, I never told of my attack until 25 years later. I realize that I was physically attacked and Ms Sterger did not have anything physical happen, and it falls under sexual harrasment--- but to question why she waited and verbally attack her actions promotes the silence to continue of sexual abuse.


Yea, this fuckin skank is just like Rachael and Michelle "Skank-bomb" Mcgee. What a WHORE!! Messing up some poor guys reputation for money and fame is just fucked up!!
Get a life and sink your claws in some other rich famous guy, not Farve though!!


i agree with the ladies she is just trying to get something out of a great person and if he did any of what she is saying why wait to come out less she was planning something and she obviously liked iot im sure she didnt like that farve wouldnt leave his wife for such a slutty skank and thats y she came forward with this she needs to learn how to make her own money and not be sooo coniving on getting keep your clothes and leave one of the best quarter backs lone damn skank


look at her she lookS like a money hungry skank! leave favre alone. i mean if she was so offended by the pics then why did she wait two years personally who wouldn't like pics of Favre even if he did send em who would complain. but woman who put there stuff out there like the above pic of her deserve nothing. so stop being a money hungry Skank and everything will be ok leave favre alone


First off...why did she wait two years to bring this out? And I'm sorry but if you don't want guys making comments or suggestions to you...then maybe you shouldn't take pics with your skin and chest almost exposed...pervs are everywhere!!! Duh!!! I bet if his name wasn't tied to a franchise and he wasn't in the NFL...this would of never of been an issue...Dirty girls are everywhere trying to make a quick buck!!!


If Jenn Sterger is just some innocent bystandered then why did Bret Favre have her phone number? I'm just saying, if she wasn't blackmailing Favre then he wouldn't have had her phone number in the first place.

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