Ann Ward Interviews: Shocked, Grateful over America's Next Top Model Victory

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Should Ann Ward have been crowned America's Next Top Model? Yes, according to a majority of THG readers who voted in this poll.

But the 6'2" beauty wasn't nearly as confident heading into this week's finale against Chelsey Hersley. In an interview with The New York Post yesterday, Ward said:

"I really thought Chelsey was doing better. It’s still unbelievable that I was even a part of the competition. It just goes to show that even if you are different, you can turn those negatives into really unique positives to be proud of."

Amen, Ann. Watch the 19-year old talk about her victory at length in the following video:

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@Sweegle you need to get your eyes checked. If you had just called Ann a beauty I would credit it to your personal preference but to call Chelsea 'ugly' means something is really wrong with you. Get a grip on yourself please!


Ann, congrats. you well deserved it. You were a way better contestant with inner beauty as well as physical beauty than Chelsey.
Chelsey was too overconfident, in other words cocky. I am glad she didnt win - her look is so common and past season. Her look is ten a penny and those awful freckles and gap tooth - yuck she's ugly.


Its unbelivelable, such a unique waist u r heaving ,many-many congrts for your winning.


Oh Ann I am so happy you won. You are such a unique person. Please do not change where your inner beauty is concerned. That is very rare on the Models that enter into this competition. I hope you go really far. I am looking forward to seeing you on one of Tyra's shows in the near feature.


I don't think I would call her a beauty. No offense.