Fashion Face-Off: America's Next Top Model Finale Edition!

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"I'm really upset. I feel cheated. I feel like I have the whole package, what it takes to be America's Next Top Model and I don't think Ann does." - Cycle 15 runner-up Chelsey

Are these the misguided, bitter words of a second-place finisher? Or the accurate assessment of the woman who fell to Ann Ward on last night's season finale of this CW competition?

You tell us! We've posted photos below of both the cycle 15 champion and the contestant who clearly felt she wore her Roberto Cavalli better on the finale. Does Chelsey have a compelling case?

Fashion Face-Off!

It came down to Ann and Chelsey on America's Next Top Model. Who looked best on the final runway? Decide and vote now! View Poll »


@ Pudding - you are quite correct, both of them just do not have the top model look. They are not attractive plus their legs look very heavy. It is not at all what I was expecting but who knows, maybe the criteria for top model has changed (for the worse) or maybe they were the best of a bad bunch.


Personally, I really don't think either one of these women should be pinned America's Top Model. They are both pretty fugly! If that's the best they have to offer, that's just sad.

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