Teen Mom-ster: Amber Portwood Goes Off on New Gary Shirley Plaything

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We can debate all day whether or not MTV glorifies teen pregnancy, but one of its more infamous reality stars certainly doesn't make her life look appealing.

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    i think that amber should get professional help with her issues because she is out of control and she also needs to get her anger under control and stop acting so immature and grow up act like a lady for once amber is not a bad person i just thinks she needs help and she needs tp leave her ex fiance gary shirley alone and let him love his life he has a new girl and she has a new boyfriend as well she needs to let her ex go and focus on her new boyfriwnd before her new boyfriend leave her i know apaet of her still love's her ex but she needs to let go and move on with her life.


    Amber is NOT the worst mom ever. As far as uping her dose of klonopin that can be viewed as drug abuse. So abusing drugs would make her a better mother? So contradictory @ Christy. Amber is just going through things that she say within her childhood. Confused, and maybe too young to be a mother. Gary is a chump and if he sat there allowing her to beat on him, then of course she will continue doing so. He pushes her buttons, because he knows which ones to push.. My ex was like that also. My advice to Amber is to stay away from Gary, do not try to be with him, because it NEVER gets any better. I honestly think she is delusional for wanting him, he is such a lard, he talks crap to her, degrades her as a mother, and has no confidence in her. MOVE ON AND STAY AWAY FROM HIM AMBER!


    Okay she's not the best mom ever but we all know she ain't the worst either there's mother out there killing their children. So she hits her dude he's such a pussy he shhould stand up to her. We don't know the complete story she loves her daughter that's fo sure


    ugh!!! Amber is such a bad mom with a bad temper and a bad Tattoo. That Tattoo looks nothing like Leah! I'm SO gald Gary moved on to a prettier girl.




    The Police, Sting, MJ,Tears for Fears, Whitney,Vanilla Ice,The Beauty of seeing the video of We are the World. When did MTV become maternity television?? I am not minimizing the importance of the subject of teen pregnancy,but why on MTV?? Why not the family channel, or a movie of the week for educational purposes.If this couple were older, they would be candidates for the Jerry Springer
    Show. These people have no business, exposing their business to the general public,one reason being,it is **not a pretty picture.


    In an early episode of Teen mom, Amber got a prescription for generic Klonopin...maybe she needs to up, or multiply, her dose! Self-control, anyone?

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