Alleged Ashton Kutcher Infidelity Sweater: For Sale!

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You've really gotta admire Brittney Jones.

In September, the 21-year old claimed she had an affair with Ashton Kutcher. Such an accusation landed her on the cover of a couple tabloids, but the news never got much traction in the mainstream media.

From there, Jones tried to up the infidelity ante, saying Kutcher and Demi Moore had an open marriage; releasing a few racy photos of herself; and then, naturally, getting embroiled in a sex tape "scandal."

None of it caught on, but Brittney isn't finished yet! She's now taken the hilarious step of putting a sweater "that was given to me after spending the night with Ashton" on eBay. The initial asking price? $500. Anyone who bids on it might need more mental help than Brittney Jones...

Brittney Jones on Ebay

There is no proof that she even had an affair with Ashton. Anyone who bids for this item is an idiot.


ehmagosh!! it has 41 freaking bids now!!! and the price is $20,200 now!!! i guess the whore is gonna be selling "bathrobe owned by ashton kutcher given to me personally" next...


Guess we really are not in a recession huh?? LOSERS


20k now. Wow.


funny thing is its up to $17069 now!

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