Ali Fedotowsky & Roberto Martinez: The Wedding Plans Take Shape

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Ali Fedotowsky and Roberto Martinez are serious about getting married.

So much so, the engaged Bachelorette couple almost did it quickie-style in Vegas! They decided against it, but only because they want a real wedding.

Tamera Mowry, Adam Housley

After the twosome watched Jason and Molly Mesnick renew their vows, "I was like, 'Maybe we should just go with them and get married," Ali revealed.

Will Ali and Roberto make it to the altar?

But "that probably would have upset a lot of people" so the pair, who plan to spend Christmas in Tampa with his family, are focusing on plans for a 2011 affair.

Said Ali Fedotowsky, "I've been looking at wedding things and I'm always like, 'That looks tacky. Maybe it's just the ones I've seen are really matchy, matchy."

"I want to make it a little different. Very light and air, I guess, is my theme."

One thing that is set: her bridal party, who will likely wear yellow dresses as they walk down the aisle. "My sister, his sister definitely," said Ali Fedotowsky.

"I have a couple good friends in my life. I definitely have some in mind."

While Fedotowsky has said she's eyeing Monique Lhuillier to design her gown, she swears she hasn't lost the tomboy edge that enhances her appeal.

"I definitely need comfortable shoes," she said. "That's the most important."

Will Ali Fedotowsky and Roberto Martinez last?


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