Jason and Molly Mesnick Renew Wedding Vows!

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It's about time.

Jason Mesnick and Molly Malaney love being married. So much so that they decided to start fresh at the 10-month mark. Why wait for the anniversary, right?

Tamera Mowry, Adam Housley

The Bachelor stars renewed their vows in Las Vegas Sunday. The strange, but fun occasion was the Rock 'n Roll Las Vegas Marathon. A marriage on the move!

Congratulations to The Bachelor's only successful couple!

Molly Malaney and Jason Mesnick were among the 60 running couples who made a pit stop near the 3-mile mark outside the Venetian's "Run Thru Wedding."

Their Bachelor courtship that ended after he chose Melissa Rycroft, then rekindled on the "After the Final Rose" special when he asked for a second chance.

The pride of Western Michigan exchanged vows with the single dad in February. The rest is history. Brad Womack, the torch is passed to you. Again.


So happy for Jason Molly and Ty beautiful family as for Melissa I believe she just wanted fame to much into herself I thought she was so fake on dancing with the nobodies


Hey jason i wachted your season of the bachelor.and i was not impressed with what u did to mellisa that was cruel how could u have done that u should have sent her the night of that u were down right dispicable


Hope you guys have a good life and God bless you. May we all meet in heaven one day...


Wow , what a couple. This couple was meant to be...everyone talks about how he did Melissa, well I think she was stuck on herself and wanted nothing but limelight...where as Molly is a true down to earth girl that was really looking for love and found it. Melissa on the other hand wanted her face on the front cover of all the magazines just like she is putting her daughter on the front page as well....not good.


Please let us know when the babies are on the way and good luck for a wonderful life together


Molly and Jason are the sweetest couple ever.They are so true,sincere,honest,so very happy,and good for one another.You can really see they are so happy together and so much in love.They were made for each other.I loved them from the beginning,I knew they were meant to be together.Jason you made the right moves and decision.I wish you both,much happiness and a beautiful life together.after going threw some hard times with the media.God Bless You and Ty.


What he did 2 melissa was wrng and what goes around comes around for both of them


i love this couple so much!!i wish i could meet them..they mean a lot to me and i wish them the best together and wishing them happiness along there marriage!!!molly be the best mom to ty he is a nice little guy...molly u are so sweet and nice,u are followed by happiness,joy and love in your face..best of lucks!!!

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