The Bachelorette Finale Shocker: Ali Fedotowsky Engaged to Roberto Martinez!

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The sixth season of The Bachelorette just concluded in astonishing fashion as Ali Fedotowsky actually picked Roberto Martinez as the man of her dreams.

The most stunning part was not that she let Chris Lambton go before the final rose ceremony to spare him the agony, but that she picked anyone at all.

For weeks, Bachelorette spoilers suggested that Ali is single - that she either chose no one on the dramatic finale, or had already broken up with Roberto.

Not the case.

As for the "shocking ending" promised by the teasers, the "huge risk" Ali took and the "unprecedented" nature of the finale? Now we know. It wasn't about the outcome, but how she handled hard-luck Chris in the final episode of the season.

Ali Fedotowsky and Roberto Martinez Pic

Ali Fedotowsky and Roberto Martinez hit it off from day one.

Having fallen in love with his rival, Ali cut Chris loose even before his "last chance" date, breaking the guy's heart, but earning his respect in the process.

Start the Make Chris Lambton The Bachelor petition now, fans!

This twist explains the glaring lack of footage of Ali and the guys at final rose ceremony in previews leading up to tonight, because Chris never made it. They couldn't show just Roberto Martinez, or it would have given it away.

And there you have the much-hyped breaking of rules by Ali Fedotowsky - letting Chris walk, laying it on the line with Roberto and hoping he felt the same.

He does. They are engaged and planning their life together.

The Bachelorette did an uncharacteristically good job of keeping the finale's outcome a mystery, from Ali's coy remarks about being "happy with her decision" to the lack of promos. Kudos to them and congratulations to Alberto.

We'll have complete coverage tomorrow and all week, but tell us quickly here: Are you happy with the ending? Will Ali and Roberto last?


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@Biatch 69.... What a terrible thing to say about ali when you dont even know her on a personal level. Judging by your internet alias it seems the only whxxx and sxxx is you.


Whoever is monitoring this site needs to remove inappropriate and demeaning comments, such as those by Mimi69. We should not tolerate men and especially other women continuing to call each other by these nasty names, especially the W. Let's try to keep comments classy and civilized (though I know it is hard for some people here to do so.) We need to have a button to report inappropriate comments to the site. Thanks!


Ahh, got it. Sorry! Chris is the nice guy! I hope he finds somebody AMAZING... He was such a nice guy. Can definately do better than this two bit whore Ali... Good luck ladies! ;)


Ali is a slag. Who was that nice guy who's mother had passed away? He was a gem and deserves so much more than this cheap, common player. Fate takes it's toll and that nice guy has, hopefully, found a woman deserving of him :)


Ali is a slag. Who was that nice guy who's mother had passed away? He was a gem and deserves so much more than this cheap, common player. Fate takes it's toll and that nice guy has, hopefully, found a woman deserving of him :)


Roberto and Ali had chemistry. Who's she going to choose? A white-bread nice guy or a multi-cultural muse? It was an easy decision. We'll have fun watching next season because Chris will be the one!


Congratulations Ali and Roberto.
Roberto is smoking hot and that comes not only from his great looks, big smile, warm heart, boyish charm and awesome overall great character!! I wish you two a life time of happiness together. I pray one day I find my "Roberto"... :)


alberto is ali and roberto combined obviously :P and im SOOO happy she chose roberto ! it was a hard descision though, because chris was so genuine and kind hearted towards her, but roberto is perfect for her ! from his protective nature which made her feel safe, to his smokin hot salsa, to his laugh, to his kind heart, he was all around what ali was looking for, and im so happy that they ended up together !


The last line of the article says congratulations to Alberto. Who is Alberto? Was that supposed to be Roberto??


I LOVE YOU CHRIS im going to find a way to find you.. your the man that i want to be with. and your so amazing.. i wish you are still single..BEst of luck for ali and you guys..