Alexis Neiers Held Without Bail After Heroin Bust

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Pretty Wild star Alexis Neiers' probation was revoked after her recent black tar heroin arrest. That will usually do it. She was ordered to be held without bail.

Pending a hearing Thursday, she'll be chilling in jail. The E! reality star had been on probation after being arrested in a celebrity burglary ring last year.

Alexis Neiers was arrested this week when she failed to check in with her probation officer, cops came to her home in response and found her with heroin.

The Burglar Bunch

BLING RING: Also known as the Burglar Bunch, these tools broke into a lot of celebrity homes. It's not Alexis Neiers' (top right) last visit to our celebrity mug shots page.


Putting the girls down for ther drug induced actions isn't helping anything! They need help and the mom & Dad
seem to want to be ther friends more then ther parents!


Is this person only famous for breaking into a famous person's house, and having a stupid show that literally NO ONE watched? If that's the case, why should we give a crap that she's in jail? Maybe you should do a real story about a real celebrity


This girl is so messed up, she needs real help not jail time.
Her sister Tess is also a heroin head, and it is very sad, they need help, nice parents, just keep throwing money at your kids because you are to self-absorbed to take care of them.


Oh they look REAL intelligent!