"New" Michael Jackson Songs: Real or Fake?

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Sony is releasing a Michael Jackson album this Christmas, featuring 10-12 original songs. The reason this is noteworthy? His kids say some of the tracks are bogus!

Five of the tracks were recorded at the New Jersey home of record producer named Eddie Cascio, where Michael and his children stayed for four months in 2007.

Many tracks were recorded then, plus remixes that were released on the Thriller 25 album. But the children say the soon-to-be-released ones aren't real.

Announcing the Tour

FROM BEYOND THE GRAVE: Is Michael's "new" music real or fake?

Michael Jackson's kids, who are also in the news because of an upcoming interview with Oprah this Monday, believe the Cascio tracks in question are fakes.

The theory is they were performed by a Michael Jackson sound-alike instead. Hard to believe? Maybe, but MJ's oldest, Prince Michael Jackson, is adamant.

He says he was upstairs at the Cascio's house when many tracks were recorded and heard the music, none of which match the Sony tracks, he says.

Paris Jackson is equally adamant that her father's voice is not the one on the tracks in question. Jackson's estate begs to differ, however, saying they're legit.

The estate, managed by executors and former MJ associates John McClain and John Branca, claims sound experts conclusively noted that the tracks are real.

People connected with Sony say the kids may be getting "manipulated" by Katherine Jackson and other family members who don't want the album released.

Neither scenario would surprise us, really. We haven't heard any of the new tracks, but as soon as we do, we'll post them right here and let you be the judge.

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I bought the CD and I can tell where some parts are really Michael, but some of the songs are ify, and I like the songs that I can tell are his, but the others I'm not too sure about.


Of course it is very easy to blame everything on the kids,everybody knows that Sony Records is full of lies!!!!!!!Its not very hard to find the truth,do we believe MJ kids or a Record company who cant wait to make more Money? Shame on them,but if u dont have a heart why should u CARE,right


Ok first of all I know everybody iz sad cause mj is dead n I got the king of pop as ma wall paper. N second dat dosent mean to b tryna fake his music his music is the best n I dont think anybody will ever b able to better than him in fact I dont think anybody will buy the album since its not the real deal