Miley Cyrus in Europe: Performances & Pictures!

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They say artists are at home on stage, able to block out all distractions and focus on the entertaining task at hand.

Fans of Miley Cyrus hope that was the case for the 17-year old this weekend, as she got far away from the personal problems of her parents' divorce and her own break-up by traveling to Europe and putting on a pair of performances.

Unfortunately, she ran into another issue as soon as she arrived in Spain. But ridiculous outrage of a bottle of beer didn't prevent Miley from putting on a rendition of "Who Owns My Heart" for the German show Wetten Dass, as introduced by Denzel Washington:

Miley then sung the same song the following evening in Madrid as part of the MTV Europe Music Awards. We've posted photos and a video of that performance below.


@Emily: What are you talking about? Katy Perry dresses just as provocatively as Miley Cyrus.


you were my favorite star but now I like katy perry she is so much better than you and you suck you f*** bi*** you fu**'in bratz u suck Miley should not even dress like that in the first place your fans were 10,000,000,000 and now they are 7,879,583 so are uhappy with the chocie u made!!


If ur not a fan of miley, get out od here. You have no business here. Your just some stupd hater. Mileys is old enough to wear whatever she wants ! Get OVER it! and all the miley fans, Amen. Love you alll and MILEY CYRUS is, and Always will be...AMAZING !


@I see your point: Posing NAKED for a magazine is not the same as WEARING A BODYSUIT, which is normal stage attire for pop stars. Everybody knows that.


Then she should also be allowed to pose naked for Maxim?


@Clothes: If at 17 a person is considered old enough to operate a motor vehicle, graduate from high school, go to college, hold down a job, get emancipated from their parents, anc consent to sex in most states, then they're old enough to wear a body suit on stage. She's showing her legs... big deal. This outfit is actually less revealing than what the average physically fit woman (including girls much younger than Miley Cyrus)wears to the beach. It's normal attire for a performing pop star. A picture or video of a pop star performing on stage in a bodysuit is HARDLY porn. The government thankfully allows people to wear whatever they want. Not to mention the fact that in less than 2 weeks she'll be 18. anyone still getting worked up over Miley's wardrobe choices at this point is pathetic.


I think everyone here who is a Miley fan needs to take a break from music and learn basic english grammar. You could try spell checking as well.


i luv miley. if ur not her fan then why the hell are you on her fansite... damnit! Get a fricking life... miley rox and she knows how to be sexy without being a whore or slut or skank, she's got singing talent, but her voice is going through changes and her voice was soar there, i cud tell. also, she was moving around an awful lot, not really, but it's near impossible to sing and dance at the same time, it's physics, look it up. i luv miley n always will.


'stfu' why are you even on here if you dislike her? What do you get out of it. Also you need to choose a better name next time stfu isn't funny, cool or original... We love you Miley :)


@Nicole 'westing' is not a word... at least not an english one
you are 16? you need to improve your spellings


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I have let myself down. I will learn from my mistakes and trust my support team. My family and my faith will guide me through my life's journey.

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