Kristen Stewart in Breaking Dawn: Practically Naked! A Lot!

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According to reliable sources, Kristen Stewart will be wearing two things often in Breaking Dawn:

  1. An ugly wedding dress.
  2. Her birthday suit.

Second things first: an insider, who has seen the script, tells E! News that Bella Swan is "practically naked in [the movie] a lot." That does jibe with other things we've heard about the film.

Breaking Dawn Set Picture

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are seen here, on the set of Breaking Dawn in Brazil.

Breaking Dawn will be rated PG-13, however, so viewers shouldn't expect to see any true nudity.

As for the gown Bella will don when she (spoiler alert!!!) walks down the aisle to marry Edward?

"It's hideous," this source says. "And it's not the designer's fault. Let's just say someone who has final say on the matter has decided upon a terribly conservative and ugly gown."

Might that be a dig at Twilight author Stephenie Meyer?


I have enjoyed every step of each movie. I will miss the connection with these actors. Especially the ones who have been There from the beginning. I really feel like I'm experiencing a very meaningful loss. Quite painful, in one instance. However euphoric on the other.


People ya need to stop with the bad comments because actually the gown is pretty not ugly so ya should make ya correnctions


Saw the dress...actually not THAT bad.....better than what THG is making it sound like.


Don't be hatin on Kim K. She's gorgeous, and she works for her money....


Poor Stewart. Probably hates both things--nudity and ugly dress. Kim cant do the nude scenes. Wouldn't be lookin like Stewart. Although, I wouldn't mind folks thinkin I looked like that for a while....ha ha


i think that is not the wedding dress, is just the dress that Alice prepared for their long way to Esme island. that is how appear in the book.


Kristen has a beautiful young slender shapely body - this coming from a married straight woman. Not everyone wants a large ugly butt like the Kardashian's. Hopefully Kristen won't opt for any fake boobs in the future. I also haven't seen the wedding dress yet, but I'd venture to say its going to fit the movie.


It is obvious that this website is not only clueless about the twilight series but hates it as well! The dress is supposed to resemble a weddding dress from the century when Edward was not yet a vampire you dummies!
Get used to all things Twilight because it isn't going anywhere for 2 more years! Love Stephanie Meyer!


Why not a truckfull of collagen if you wish for Kardasian. She's too bumpy for the stunt. We don't want those squid poisons to be misplaced, right? About the wedding dress, its just a rumor. Let's just wait and see. About the rating, well, things could happen, right? Let's just wait and see...


Stephanie Meyer has such horrible taste. I know she's the author but I wish she would butt out of the movies

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