Justin Bieber on Video: It Gets Better

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We've posted a number of Justin Bieber videos lately.

There was this singer's performance at the American Music Awards, along with his new trailer for Never Say Never.

But no concert or preview can match the importance of the brief, albeit important, message Justin sent out to fans this week. In a new PSA, the 16-year old joins the growing number of celebrities that have just one thing to tell anyone getting bullied: it gets better...


I have read reports that after filming his anti bulling video Thursday in Hollywood, he took his friends to a near-by newly opened chick-fil-a. Patronizing an anti-gay establishment after filming an anti-bullying PSA? Doesn't he have people that watch him? Selina G. needs to school him on public relations.


It's not the buulies that need the advice it's the wimps and the cowards that need it .Men don't have a feminine side and big boys don't cry.So let's stop with the gay shit and if you are thinking about hijacking the word gay it means happy.


Kids, do not take advice from someone who almost got their ass kicked at a lasertag party in Canada. I mean seriously, it's like a pussy giving encouraging words to a pussy! Here's some advice (and maybe I've been drinking a little) but, if you are being bullied, punch that fucking bully in his face until he stops moving! Bully can't move, bully can't bully.


This is so stupid. How is telling someone that is being bullied that things get better help anything? If anything that makes it worse. Look, if your kid is being bullied you have to tell them to stand up for themselves or they will be bullied for their entire life. The world can be a cruel place and but telling yourself that it will get better only leads to delusion. Face reality, face your problems head on and you will be much better off if you do in the end. PS - The best advice I can give is to never listen to celebrities.


great to see so many famous people helping to prevent bullying. all those who help amazingly are all awesome people whom i luv. LUV YA


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