Josh and Anna Duggar: Expecting Baby #2!

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Josh and Anna Duggar, the eldest son and daughter-in-law of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, are expecting a second child! Congratulations to the couple!

Josh Duggar, 22, the eldest of TLC's 19 Kids and Counting, said of their impending second baby, "It was awesome to get the news." Anna is also 22.

Her Madgesty

The two have a daughter, Mackynzie, who turned a year old on October 8. Jim Bob and Michelle's youngest, Josie Duggar, was born two months later.

Anna and Josh Duggar are expecting their second little one.

"I showed Josh the positive pregnancy test on Mackynzie's birthday," says Anna. "It was fun to announce it to everyone on that already happy day."

"We are so excited about the new addition to our family," says patriarch Jim Bob, who is rumored to be planning baby #20 (yes, 20) with Michelle.

With Jim Bob and Michelle using the letter J to name all their children, will Josh and Anna launch an "M" tradition of their own for their kids?

"We don't know," says Josh. "We decided on Mackynzie's name pretty late in the pregnancy and so we'll think of names and see what fits."

As far as how many kids the newest Duggar couple plan on having, Josh quips he's going to give his parents a run for their fertile money.

"We'll be having 25," Josh replied to People, jokingly.

In fact, he and Anna have agreed to leave the number of children they have "up to God," as do Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar. Good to know.

Those events showed that "it is easy to be grateful when things are easy, but as we saw with Josie's scare, it is harder when things are tough."

Indeed. Congratulations to the expectant parents! Certainly, two children seems like a manageable sum. But five, 10 or 20? That's just, well ...

Are the Duggars having too many kids?


I see that josh and anna are following in their footsteps and i have been intrigued by this family but I agree with some of the comments above that a woman's body can only take so much and to be cranking out children for almost 20 years takes its toll, I see how old michelle duggar looks and she's not even that old, but her face shows the wear and tear 19 pregnancies has taken on her body, does jim bob consider THAT when planning their next pregnancy? and PLANNING? I thought they just accept whatever God "blesses" them with so why are they PLANNING on a second child. we all know conception can take Planning so if they are actually purposely trying to get pregnant I don't see God in that, that is THEIR choice to have sex on her fertile days!


Having 19 kids is fine by me as long as they can take care of them.


I love that Mrs.Duggar has a lot of kids and her and JimBob are paying the bills themselfs and can afford them. However after a premie, pre-eclapsia, and a galbladder Michelle should STOP! I believe in letting God chose but I think this is God's signal she is straining herself. Congratz Anna and Joshua! That's great. I love seeing them starting their own family and how wonderfully the Lord picked out the two of them as a couple. Hopefully the next baby is a boy. :)
Bless them all.


The fact that the Duggar family is one family on tv that shows how a real commited set of parents raise and diisipline and love their children is quite a treat. I AM concerned for Michelle's health however. The fact that the gallbladder problem was probably what sent her into preterm labor with Josie was for me a red flag. Upon having to have the gallbladder removed it is a sign that maybe her body is tired. I also believe that God should be the decision maker for the number of children as long as the parents provide completely for the childs needs and the tax payers are not involved. So far so good on that with this family. Children that grow up in such enormous families do not by human ability get the one on one time needed with the parents and unfortunately elder siblings are NOT the needed substitute. having said this I thank God for their positive testimony and wish them all the love in the world and all of the LORDS many blessings, even it is #20.


To many children... but I guess if you are able to care for them without living off foodstamps & the goverment go for it.


I dont see how they can possibly be good parents to all those kids, nor support them, once the infatuation with their stupid show runs out.


19? Thinking about the 20th? These people have a screw loose. And looks as though, at least one of, their kids are following in their footsteps.


Taking the bible literally is not a bad thing.... killing people, harming children, etc etc THAT IS BAD! THEY are GOOD people. Who cares how many kids they have? THEY support their kids. What you should care about is women having 4-5 or more kids on WELFARE that OTHER people have to pay for!!! Just so they don't have to work. Adopting a child in need would be a wonderful idea but again... the people who keep having children that need homes are who you should take your opinions up with. If they stop having babies, we won't have needy children!


PLEASE. Adopt a starving child from Africa who actually NEEDS parents instead of randomly producing ridiculous numbers of kids! The issue with pet overpopulation, well hello! We have that same issue with HUMAN POPULATION! So many children are needy and unwanted, please take in one of them instead!


The Duggars are multiplying and soon will take over!!!! Soon, everyone will be sappy, boring people who take the Bible literally.

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