Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt Shun, Call Out "Hypocrite" Darlene Egelhoff

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Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt recently renewed their vows, and didn't even think to invite her estranged mother, Darlene Egelhoff. The reason for that is simple, they say - she's a "hypocrite" just trying to piggyback off Speidi's fame.

How you can piggyback off of a couple who's also teetering on bankuptcy is unclear, but Speidi insists Darlene's words don't match her actions.

The Mountain Man

Heidi, three people she no longer speaks to, and Spencer.

"She's so into The Hills and she thinks she's like this Hills girl now," Heidi Montag said. "She's calling up all the tabloids. If she cares, she would stop."

Amid reports that Heidi's mom is asking $5,000 for appearances, Darlene Egelhoff appeared on ET, weeping and imploring her daughter to call her.

Crocodile tears, according to Spencer Pratt.

"If I needed an acting coach, I would go to Darlene," he said, quipping that his mother-in-law can turn on the waterworks "like she's Julia Roberts."

"The lady's such a hypocrite," Pratt added. "I wish Dr. Frank Ryan was alive to tell you, he was in talks with [Egelhoff] to do a full body makeover."

"The list was so long, longer than Heidi's 10, I'll tell you that," he said in reference to Heidi Montag's plastic surgery and Darlene's criticism thereof.

Egelhoff wrote on her blog yesterday that "My face drops from a dreamy smile to an expression of pain with the nagging thought of still not having my precious Heidi in my life ... I close my eyes in an effort to shut down emotionally."

"I cry and cry and cry, soaking my own hair and the floor around me," she wrote.

We wouldn't hold our breath for Spencer to offer you a tissue, D.


Proof that people can change. Heidi now looks like a 60 year old woman who's had plastic surgery to look like someone in their 40's. What the hell was she thinking. Brody was right when he said Spencer's 'being nice' was just an act. Do they realize they make twats of themselves wherever they go. Spencer is a disgusting exuse for a human being. I think they've done the world a favour by cutting themselves off from everyone. Who'd want friends like that?


Anything either Heidi or Spencer say is not credible. Heidi claims to regret all of her surgery yet who encouraged and enabled it, and all for their own gain? She deliberately threw away everyone who cared for her for Spencer, now her body as apparently such a mess, I wonder how much longer that hairy little ewwww will hang around? He is a sleazey, bitchy little worm, and silly little Heidi threw herself away for it. To publicly speak of your mother and allow your "husband" as well, that girl needs serious mental help. Selfish spoilt little brats!!


Iv been reading darlene egelhoffs blog since I found it back in september. And its a great blog. Its ashame that she is reaching out to EVERYBODY EXCEPT her own daughter, the one she is trying to make an impact on. I used to like heidi too but since the hills what's the point of her any more? Nothing. She was fun to watch on TV and that was that. I don't know why she's still trying to be famous, what is wrong with this world, u need to actually do something to make an inpact on the world if u want to leave a lasting impression, not marry a douche, pretend a fake life and lie all the time...I just hope darlene continues to write, she has helped me and is very inspiring. I feel bad she gave birth to such a useless brainwashed mess. Heidi should have stayed with jordan from season 1 or 2.....if u thought he brought out the worst in you, well you need a reality check, u moved on to someone so much worst. WAKE UP ALREADY


Well, everything in their lives lately seems to be a lie so how are we to believe anything Heidi or Spencer says? For all we know, THIS could be a made up situation just to make money. With these people there is no way to tell ever again if what they say it true or not. They should be ashamed of themselves.


I used to like Heidi sooo much! What happend?? She has no respect whatsoever, for the person who gave her LIFE! SHAME ON YOU HEIDI! WHAT WOULD GOD SAY?

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