Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt: Bankrupt?!

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Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt claim they've blown $10 million and are behind $2 million in taxes, considering filing for bankruptcy and have no place to live.

While we don't believe anything the gruesome twosome says, that music "career" had to be a huge financial disaster, and 120 plastic surgeries can't be cheap.

"We were immature, worrying too much about [fame] instead of the business part," Spencer tells Life & Style, which likely paid for the right to speak to him.

Terrible Tandem

BROKE AS A JOKE? We're not buying it. If Speidi's out of cash, where did he get that sweet staff? It doesn't add up, people. [Photo: PacificCoastNewsOnline.com]

"In hindsight, we shouldn't have spent any money. We should have been low-key and saved ... I've looked into bankruptcy and unemployment checks."

If Spencer Pratt gets an unemployment check, we're moving to Canada.

Heidi and Spencer never imagined The Hills wouldn't still be successful four years after its 2006 debut, which is absurd, since that's actually a long run.

So when the final season was cut from 20 episodes to 10 and they weren't paid for the 10 unaired episodes they were inexplicably booted from, well ...

Times apparently got tough.

"We thought The Hills would be like 90210 and we'd have 5-10 years," Spencer says. "The ratings were consistent, but we never saw Jersey Shore coming."

Seriously, who did bro?

"At our lowest point, I considered posing for nude pictures in Playboy," says Heidi Montag, who previously posed for the magazine. What stopped her now?

Spencer's parents' appeal for her to keep her clothes on in exchange for living in their guesthouse. "I feel like I'm 14 years old again," Spencer Pratt says.

We're just surprised they haven't disowned him.

"My parents are my lifeline," he says, and Heidi adds that "Spencer's parents go to the grocery store for us once a week, and that's all that we get."

"We don't want sympathy," Spencer says. "We did this to ourselves and feel like idiots. But we've grown up and are definitely not as naive anymore."

Eh, anyone buying this nonsense? Seems like it's a fake ploy for sympathy to us, much like their previous fake sex tapes, divorces, marriages, etc.

Oh well, glad to hear they're happy at least!


I'm sorry i just HAVE to revisit this.. only someone as stupid as heidi goes into hock trying to maintain a career. Her celebrity actually COST her more than she earned. Not only does she have no talent, she even failed at paying for fame... I'm sure math and even basic counting is probably a rough river to paddle for these two... But it's comforting to know that the famewhore vehicle, catering to the lowest common denominator (google it JanieT - i don't have time to do your vocabulary for you...) has some sort of glass ceiling on stupidity and uselessness. I was starting to think it was a plot to systematically dumb down north american society. Which seemed rather redundant, all things considered. Anyway, i love it. Joke of the year.


lol heidi paid to have a musical career. I love it! And JanieT, we rip on americans because stupid ones like you don't know how to NOT TALK and your few intelligent citizens know better than to say a blessed word. If you don't want your educated neighbours ripping on you, people like you should speak as little as possible. Because you're crushingly dumb. No offense.. But you embarrass your country. I mean seriously "Diss"? The sad thing about that is that you talk like a 14 year old and you're likely 45 and fat as hell.


I don't feel sorry for Heidi. The mean things that Spencer does is out in the open. I have no clue what Hedi sees in Spenc, He is not very attractive. She could move on and actually have friends again.


Canadians never miss an opportunity to diss the US, yet cry like babies at the littlest comment. Stick to the .CA sites baby Brittni and get on a waiting list for psych help with that great health care you've got.


1 word Spencer...... KARMA


Without question, this guy is the rudest, most disrespectful, controlling, smug & lazy tyke I have ever seen in my life. His behaviour is beyond belief. She is obviously in a very bad place as a direct result of his vile behaviour. I believe she has been so worn down by him that her self-respect is non-existent. If only she had finished with him as soon as he started to show his true colours she would still have her friends and not have hurt her family. She would also still have the lovely, natural looks she was born with but she now looks like a cartoon of her former self. She has nothing to show for her life so far and this should be a lesson to all women out there who have the bad luck of meeting a controlling boyfiend. Leave him quickly.


Give them tin cans and stand them on a street corner. They're both idiots and I have no pity for them. God bless. RB


I've never been one to feel a sense of satisfaction from others problems but I'll make an exception in this case. In all the stories printed about these two, not one has been in a positive tone. Every time I'm online or pick up a magazine someone is totally trashing these two. Wonder how it feels to be so hated? In most cases like this I would have a little sympathy for people so vilified but they have brought on every single bit of negative press, hateful words, and bad wishes. They've almost literally opened the hate door and welcomed everyone in - I like others can't resist an invitation.....Hope you two live in your misery for a long, long time and please don't grace us with anymore of your BS - we've all had enough.


you were so sweet Before you got caught in spencers web. i pray u find your love again for your creator and allow Him guide your life. spencer is evil, he enjoys tearing you down, even turning you against your loved ones. thats not you heidi, you have so much to give and to for fill GODS call on your life, not being controled by s.m.


Well gee, didn't see that coming...poor little things...

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