Happy Thanksgiving from Demi Lovato!

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Demi Lovato had hoped to spend Thanksgiving with her family.

Unfortunately, the troubled singer was stuck in an Illinois treatment facility all weekend, receiving help for a number of physical and emotional issues.

But Lovato was clearly thinking of her fans prior to her sad downfall, recording the following video and sending out love to all her loyal supporters. She can count THG among them, as we're rooting for Demi to get better and sending the very best wishes back in her direction...


Tengo mas fotos intimas unas de las amigas de Demi Lovato me paso una gran cantidad pero esta vez sale ella desnuda y yo no me lo puedo creer esten listos todos el dia 3 de Febrero 2011 voy a publicarlas para que conoscan a la verdadera Demi Lovato. (Aun estoy trabando con otra amiga de Demi Lovato que tiene un video muy intimo y que lo voy a conseguir) quiero que publiquen este mensaje por todos lados y a las Noticias esto es algo muy confirmado quiero que me ayuden todos para que todo el mundo conosca la verdadera Demi Lovato!!


Demi we love you and we hope you come out soon!!


Demi just always try to remember the glass is half full not half empty! Look at the positive things! you are beautiful, talented and have such a great career going for you! Everyone loves you!


@sonal: A lot of people are against teenagers expressing and exploring their sexuality- they want teenage girls to all be virginal, 'innocent', submissive children. However, Hilton Hater probably (hopefully) doesn't care anymore now that she's 18. Anyway, I support Demi Lovato too. I hope she gets well soon and I believe that she'll be able to get through this. I agree with meg, demi has a lot f talent and she seems nice.


Okay umm, I hate hearing hater comments like the dodos below. This is a young girl who is filled with talent. We all go thru our own demons. It's people like Amy Adams who add to our strength to pull us thru. It takes a lot of guts to admit you need help and reach out for it. Also, Miley Cyrus has nothing to do with this do shut it. You are idiots who love to run your mouth about others. Take the plank out of your own eye.


So....... Hilton Hater supports a girl who publicly admits to cutting herself, has rumours surrounding her of drug use, but has issues with Miley Cyrus who..... umm.... just wears skimpy clothes ?? Kudos !


Demi, if you get this;
My boys and I wish you all the best. They watch you all the time and were so sad for you. We pray for your continued recovery and that you have a good support system when you return to outside life. I have battled many of the issues you have, and feel close to your story. I hope one day to meet you in person and see your show when our family comes down for our normal trip to Cali. May God Bless you and keep you close to His Heart!


You mean Crazy McCrazy???


such an amazing person. i hope she gets better soon. maybe if we all band 2gether & show how much we love her, it'll help.

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