Will Demi Lovato Be Home for Thanksgiving?

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Will Demi Lovato be breaking corn bread with her family on Thanksgiving? The 18-year old hopes so, but any timetable for the singer's release from a Chicago area rehab facility will be based on her progress and nothing else.

She's "getting better," a source told E! News this week. "She doesn't want to be in the center for Thanksgiving and wants to go home."

Taking a Music Break

Until that day comes, insiders say Lovato will try to make herself feel at home. She plans to watch friend Miley Cyrus perform Sunday night at the American Music Awards.

Looking farther down the line, Lovato has recorded a few tracks for an upcoming album, but isn't likely to pick up where she left off any time soon.

"They're still committed to her," a source said. "No one is abandoning her. But she is holding off on her music for a bit... There are a lot of people who never heard of Demi Lovato before this and if she can get through this, she will come back stronger and bigger than ever."

And healthier, we all hope. That's the most important thing.


Dear Nabee nd Ryan Montana,i respect your opinions,u dont like demi.but pls. hav a lil respect.she's gone through a lot nd it wud be a great help if u both just shut d hell up nd just keep it to yourselves.your not helping.nd another thing, Ryan Montana dont ever compare demi to selena.demi's way better than selena,esp.when it comes to singing.WTH?selena can't even sing.do whatever u want to do with your selena,just leave demi alone.


didnt really know her. but since shes miley's friends guess i'll be at her side. hope she gets well and live her dreams again :)


I really don't like her


ok listin ryan montana your a little brat demi has been through alot i no how it is i have a prmblem with drugs and cutting but i got through it n so will she her singing is great here slenas new voicew that sounds like a fucking chipmonk n she not hot either so fuck off demi


She is soooo ugly. When is Disney going to start putting hot girls in the lead roles? Selena is hot, and that is it.


So happy to hear this!!! She is such a talented actress, singer, performer...everyone needs a break from the rat race of life and I know Disney must be thrilled to have her back!! She will be an even bigger star for them now that she has received some life coaching!!!


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