Erin Barry: A Real-Life Desperate Housewife

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Erin Barry, the mistress/sext-message fiend behind Eva Longoria and Tony Parker's divorce, is a real desperate housewife - a good girl gone bad!

According to the New York Post, the estranged wife of Brent Barry, a former teammate of Parker's, had been sexting Tony Parker for over a year.

But in 2006, Erin Barry described a storybook marriage to Brent, then a guard with the San Antonio Spurs, with San Antonio Woman magazine.

SEXT BOMB: Erin Barry's charms were too much for Tony to resist.

"To sit in your nice home, have your nice job and ignore the suffering going on around you, you can't enjoy what you have if you don't help those that are less fortunate," she said. "For me to be able to use the blessings that I have feels good."

Erin identified herself as a housewife and mom, a high-school sweetheart of Brent who met while a student at an all-girls Catholic school in San Francisco.

Erin also revealed she was born to a single, teen mom and adopted by a couple that also had three biological children: "It was kind of obvious," she said. "Here I was with my dark hair and olive complexion in this Irish-Polish family."

The news of Tony Parker and Eva Longoria's divorce comes just weeks after the Barrys, who have two boys, ages 4 and 9, also decided to divorce.

The Barrys wed 12 years ago. Longoria found the text messages between Erin and Tony and filed for divorce after just three years of marriage.

"Eva and I have been discussing our situation privately," Parker said. "We plan to continue to keep our discussions of this matter private."

Good luck with that.


alicia keyes, leeann rhimes, and erin barry all horses of the same color. Now as far as Tony Parker saying their was no sex is like lindsay lohan saying no drugs HaHaha lies and alibis


All speculation.We'll only hear Eva's side anyway.


Tony is blind,and Erin use Voodoo..LOL


She don't have nothing on eva


wooooww... good gossip :D


I wonder what occasion she gave Tony purple body paint and told him to go Barry Nutz. I mean very nuts. Welcome to the Leann Rimes Hoebag Hall of Fame, Erin.


"Once a hoe..." I hope Brent files for sole custody of his children and out of reach of this slot machine of an ex-wide. I don't even believe that cheater Tony that they didn't have physical contact. Both are scumbags.

Miriam valle de hernandez

Erin Barry and former Spurs Brent Barry's divorce has been revealed, where are the official documents? what do Erin and Brent have to say about the end of their 12 year marriage, and what are Tony Parker's statements?


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